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Halloween night was supposed to fun for the children, but instead turned grave as their Halloween trailer was engaged in an auto accident, as reported by

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The victims of the auto accident were rushed to hospitals in Jackson and Meridian and some sustained critical or severe injuries. According to investigators, the trailer was rear ended by a pickup truck, an F-150, by a young man named Chase Cook, 20.

The two girls who succumbed to their injuries are 8 year old Baylee and 2 year old Brooke. Their mother has been identified as Kristina Shaver. The three members of the Shavers were not the only occupants of the trailer. There were as many as ten occupants in the trailer. Shaver’s middle child McKensey survived the vehicle accident. According to Shaver’s sister Melissa Cook, Shavers husband passed away in a car accident back in 2012. Now that is some bad luck!

McKensey is the only remaining member of the Shaver family and is currently in critical medical condition and has been hospitalized. Video footage and evidence made available in the police report will play a vital role in establishing liability and other legal issues, say leading Jackson, MS truck accident lawyers.

You always want to be careful about riding in trailers. In fact, this is against the law in many parts of the country.

Fatal Two Vehicle Accident in Jackson Being Investigated

A collision between two vehicles ended up in a fiery vehicle accident which left one dead as reported by Police confirmed that the auto accident took place on Mississippi 18 earlier last week in the proximity of Thousand Oaks Drive. The two vehicles involved were a car and a milk truck.

If you drive on the wrong side of the road, you are putting yourself at risk.

According to eye witnesses, the driver of the car was travelling on the wrong side of the road and ended up crashing into the milk truck head on after which both the car and the milk truck almost instantaneously caught fire.

Emergency medical technicians who responded to the accident declared the car driver dead on the scene while the truck driver was rushed to a nearby hospital with injuries. The medical condition of the truck driver is currently unknown. Once again evidence gathered from various sources will help determine liability and other related legal issues, according to Mississippi truck accident attorneys.

Jackson County Highway Accident Kills Man

A man from Moss Point lost life after being involved in an auto accident on Mississippi 63 say authorities. The victim was thrown out of his pickup truck after he over corrected and caused the vehicle to roll over, according to

The deceased has been identified as 29 year old Joseph Matthew Beasley. According to investigators, the truck veered off the right side off the road when the driver over corrected, causing the vehicle to flip over.

He was then rushed to University of South Alabama Medical Center, but he succumbed to injuries shortly afterwards.

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