Almost exactly a year ago, on the 22nd of July 2014, an accident that occurred during a training fire drill in Hall County, Georgia, seriously injured multiple fire fighters. Now, one by one, the injured fire fighters and their truck accident attorneys have started filing personal injury and accident lawsuits against Sutphen – a ladder truck manufacturing company.

As reported by, the three fire fighters that sustained serious life threatening injuries due to the freak accident have been identified as Will Griffin, Stephen Jackson, and T.J. Elliott. The trio fell from a height of nearly 50 feet in the accident.

The first of the fire fighters to file a legal complaint is T.J. Elliot. However, it is obvious that the other two will follow in Elliot’s footsteps soon as they seek damages for their financial loses and pain and suffering. If you have been hurt because of someone else’s laziness, you now have some solitude. There is a site that has sterling truck accident attorneys on it. The site is was set up for people who need some legal help.

Personal injury lawsuit: firetruck had manufacturing defects

According to the lawsuit filed by Elliot’s truck accident attorney, the accident has left the firefighting trio in seriously disabled states and they suffer from the consequences to this day. Elliot specifically suffered sustained multiple compound fractures in the face, teeth, and even dislocated his right shoulder and will never fully recuperate from these injuries. The lawsuit also alleges that the other two firefighters, Will Griffin and Stephen Jackson, are preparing to sue the defendant as well.

According to the details of the accident painted in the lawsuit, the firefighters were involved in a training drill where they had mounted its platform. The platform was elevated to go up to a 100 feet and was on its way down when suddenly a loud crackle was heard and was followed by parts of the aerial platform disintegrating and falling to the ground.

An investigation was conducted to check the serviceability/condition of the truck and it was revealed that some crucial parts of the truck were worn, over-used, or improperly manufactured.

Rig driver drives off interstate highway, files lawsuit against state seeking $7.25 million

David Lee Sitton was the driver of an enormous 18 wheeled commercial truck that went off the Interstate 84 highway and fell through a height of 50 feet. Sitton was entrapped within the cockpit of the truck, upside down, for over an hour before he was eventually rescued.

According to, the lawsuit boldly claims that the accident was a result of poor highway design. Apparently, the design of the highway caused a Nissan Versa driver to unexpectedly change lanes, which then resulted in the Versa side swiping Sitton’s truck and causing it to derail from the highway and plummet 50 feet to where it finally ended up.

According to the lawsuit, the state and the highway transpiration authorities were well aware of the flawed designs and had wanted to redesign the risky Y-Junction for many years but had kept postponing it for some reason and had never actually gotten around to redesigning it. The lawsuit seeks a staggering $7.25 million in damages.

Now they are not going to have any money to redesign when they have to pay out this lawsuit.

So the drivers of these vehicles did not know that this road did this in this area?