Gastonia, NC- Commercial trucks can be hazardous if they aren’t in the hands of capable driver or have not been repaired properly. These large and heavy vehicles are also hazardous when they overweight or overloaded. While the majority of truck accidents in North Carolina are the result of a driver error or mechanical error, but an overweight or overloaded truck can also present a grave danger on the road.

Large commercial truck are designed specifically to carry a lot of weight, but for the sake of safety and limit damage to the roads, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration limits the weight of commercial trucks. That limit is referred to as the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating is determined by a truck’s size and frame, suspension, brakes and the number of axles. The majority of drivers and trucking companies adhere to the GVWR, but there are plenty of unscrupulous individuals out there who don’t realize (or care) that their overweight or improperly loaded truck is an accident waiting to happen.

There are a number of ways a too-heavy or haphazardly loaded commercial truck can be dangerous. Too much weight can put a strain in a truck’s axles, braking system and tires, among others. This weight can make a truck hard to handle or easily blow out a tire.  At high rates of speed an overloaded truck can be even harder to stop and can causes a great deal of damage to anything in the truck’s path.

How a truck is loaded can also be hazardous. If the cargo on a truck is not secured properly, it can fly off an open bed and strike other motorists. When not loaded properly, cargo can shift and cause a truck to jackknife or become very difficult to stop.

Unfortunately, too many truck drivers and trucking companies don’t take federal safety regulations seriously and truck accidents are the unfortunate consequences. Weigh stations littering the highways are there to ensure drivers and trucking companies are adhering to weight and cargo requirements, but they don’t always enhance safety. Usually, a driver with an overweight or improperly loaded truck is usually fined and sent on their way, rarely are they taken off the road. For the sake of expediency, drivers are willing to pay their fine and move on and possibly cause a devastating accident.

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