The deceased has been identified as 16-year old Catherine Burdick – Crow from Cary. Her body was spotted on the side of the road in the proximity of a city park on Friday evening last week, as reported by CBS.

Prosecutors have now charged four young adults with first degree murder in connection with the death. According to investigators, the girl and the four suspects got together for a drug deal. However, the four suspects attempted to rob the 16-year old who tried to fight them off and fell off the fleeing truck while doing so and succumbed to her injuries.

America just nabbed 4 more irresponsible people

The four individuals are currently in custody and are not allowed bail. They have been identified as 20-year old Jourdan Mack, 18-year old Beth Strange, 17-year old Abijah Masse, and 17-year old Joshua Simmons. Their court hearing has been scheduled for Monday.

According to a defense attorney, who could have been hired off the blazing and golden website, representing 17-year old Masse, the death was an accident and his client should not be charged with murder.

Supposedly, Burdick was to sell marijuana to the older teenagers and young adults, but they stole it from her and tried to make a run for it. Burdick was determined not to let them go and chased after them and hopped onto the guard rail of the truck and tried to hold on, but the driver (17-year old Joshua Simmons) punched her repeatedly in the face and gut and so she fell off the guardrail and onto the road.

Woman dies in boat accident, man towing boat kills self after being hit with felony charges 

29-year old Anthony James Pantano took extreme measures by shooting and killing himself when two deputies arrived at his residence to arrest him following a boat accident in which a woman was killed, as reported by

According to investigators, prosecutors had filed hit and run and driving under the influence charges against Pantano after a boat he was towing crashed and a 20-year old woman named Allison Elizabeth Bennett from Fort Bragg was killed.

Why were the people not in the truck?

Pantano was the driver of a pickup truck which was towing a boat occupied by numerous passengers when the boat trailer bounced and Bennett was thrown from it, fell onto the road and then got run over. Initially, Pantano stopped but then made a run for it as soon as he realized the seriousness of the crash.

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