DeKalb County, GA- Over the past couple of weeks, separate truck accidents in DeKalb County put a spotlight on some of the dangerous driving habits motorists and truck drivers engage in, and can lead to a devastating accident. Although multiple factors were involved in these two crashes–one of which left two people dead–following too closely and inclement weather stand out as the primary causes.

The most recent accident occurred July 14th, on I-285 in DeKalb and involved two tractor-trailers and a total of 16 passenger vehicles. While the investigation is pending, police believe that the first tractor-trailer slammed into the second tractor-trailer then set off chain of collisions, which ultimately left nine people injured.

Most of the accident victims suffered back and neck pain and were taken to the hospital. Deep cuts and lacerations were the most serious injuries.

Fire Captain Eric Jackson told Fox 5 News when he arrived on the scene he found one tractor-trailer jack-knifed and nearly destroyed. Jackson also said there had just been a downpour in the area so he believes inclement weather was a main contributor to the accident.

Although inclement weather was the primary cause of this accident, the truck driver who set off the chain-reaction collision is not absolved from their responsibility for the crash, no motorist is. When driving in adverse road conditions or inclement weather, all motorists are required to adjust their speed and take other safety measures to avoid colliding with another vehicle. Not doing so is negligent, and should accidental injuries or death result, a DeKalb County truck accident attorney will hold that driver accountable.

Over Fourth of July weekend, another truck crash on I-285 in DeKalb County left two people dead after their minivan slammed into the rear of a tractor-trailer. The minivan, which was carrying four members of a Georgia family, stuck the truck with such force, the passenger side was pushed under the tractor-trailer.

The mother and one child, who were both died as a result of their injuries. The father and other child survived with serious injuries. So sad.

In this accident, it appears as though the motorist was following too closely and didn’t notice the truck was slowing down. Police said the truck was experiencing mechanical troubles and was attempting to pull off the interstate.

Though the truck driver wasn’t at fault for this particular accident, it does raise a concern about the effectiveness of underride guards. Rear underride guards are mandatory for tractor-trailers, these guards are often not sturdy enough, rusty, or bent and are ineffectual at preventing a car from sliding underneath a commercial truck. Accidents such as these often prove to be deadly and without inadequate safety equipment a trucking company or driver may be responsible for the injuries or deaths that result.

Truck accidents are often serious, though a victim’s life may be spared, they often suffer catastrophic injuries. They will face astronomical medical expenses, they will lose necessary wages and may soon find themselves deeply in debt all because of someone else’s carelessness.  Our DeKalb County truck accident attorney wants you to know you won’t struggle to get the compensation you need. When you enlist them as your attorney, you can be assured that they will fight for your best interest from beginning to end.