Fulton County, GA- Tractor-trailers, semis and other large commercial vehicles are essential to the American economy and are familiar sight on interstates and roadways throughout Georgia. When these large trucks are involved in traffic accident, the resulting injuries can be devastating and even deadly. Most truck drivers are experienced and do everything in their power to prevent colliding with another vehicle, but sometimes accidents are simply unavoidable.

Georgia truck accident statistics

  • Each year there is an average of 200 fatal truck accidents
  • Non-fatal truck accidents top 5,000 annually throughout the state.
  • Fifty percent of truck accidents involve out-of-state carriers.

While the majority of truck drivers are experienced professionals, some drivers are under a great deal of pressure in order to get their loads to their destination in time. This pressure can cause a driver to take risks which can lead to a serious truck accident.

Facts about the cause truck accidents

  • Twenty-two percent of fatal crashes involving a large truck are caused by speeding.
  • Driver fatigue contributes to 30 to 40 percent of truck accidents.
  • Nineteen percent of truck drivers admit to falling asleep.
  • One in three trucks fails roadside inspections.
  • Sixty-four percent of truckers admitted to altering their driver logs.
  • Other causes of truck accidents: distractions such as eating, using cell phones and communicating with dispatchers and inattention.
  • Equipment failure is one of the leading causes of truck accidents

Nationwide, there are approximately 500,000 truck accidents each year, with approximately one percent resulting in the death of a passenger vehicle occupant. Fatal truck accidents have increased by a small percentage over the past few years most likely due to the improving economy and there is the chance that more people will personally experience the misfortune of being in an accident with a large and heavy commercial vehicle.

Truck drivers and trucking companies are required to follow strict regulations established by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and are hard to for the lay person to understand. If you have been involved in truck accident, you need a legal expert who understands federal and state regulations and what role the violation of these regulations played in your truck accident.

A Georgia truck accident attorney is well-versed in these regulations, which makes them better suited to represent victims of injurious or deadly truck accidents. An attorney that specializes in truck accidents knows the importance of a thorough investigation and is willing to take the necessary steps to assure you have a solid claim.

Before you accept any settlement from an insurer, contact a Georgia truck accident attorney to discuss your injuries. A personal injury attorney will know the true scope of your injuries along with past and future costs you will incur. Their primary goal is to protect your rights as the victim and assure the compensation you receive will cover your medical expenses, loss of wages and your pain and suffering. The sooner you act and retain a truck accident attorney, the stronger you can make your case.