In Texas, trucks can legally weigh up to 80,000 pounds. Much of this weight is often attributed to the cargo which is loaded onto the vehicle. If this cargo is not secured properly and is not loaded the way it should be, there are very high chances that the truck will not be able to keep its balance and a large-scale accident will result.

Trucks are especially prone to getting into cargo-related accidents when the weather is bad and there are strong winds further tipping the truck off balance. Not only can a truck lose balance because of improperly loaded cargo, but if the cargo is not secured properly then it can all come loose while a person is driving and create a very difficult terrain of obstacles for other drivers on the road, resulting in them getting into an accident.

Anyone who has gotten into an accident due to improperly secured cargo should call a truck accident lawyer to help them through the legal process. In such cases, it will generally be the cargo loading company who will be required to compensate a person for the losses they suffered. However, other parties such as the truck driver or the company who the trucker works for may also be pulled into the legalities as well.

How commonly are collisions caused by unsecured loads?

In Texas alone, there are around 1200 accidents caused by unsecured truckloads on a yearly basis. Vehicles get into collisions due to unsecured loads by being struck by the falling objects, by having to swerve out of the way of the fallen objects, and by going headfirst and hitting the items which have fallen out of the truck.

Vehicle collisions caused by unsecured cargo can be prevented if the right precautions are taken into consideration. First of all, truck drivers who are transporting the cargo should make sure their vehicle is well-maintained and in good enough shape to be carrying around so much weight. Secondly, they should make sure that the rope, netting, and straps that are used to secure the cargo are properly fastened and no compromise is made on their quality. It may take longer to ensure that everything is secured properly but it can save a person a lot of trouble in the future.

A truck driver should always make sure to double-check the cargo before setting off on their drive and they should ensure they are following all state and federal laws. If a cargo-related accident does occur and it is found that the trucker had not been following the laws, then their penalty will be even more severe.

Other drivers can help prevent the amount of damage they face from falling cargo by remaining vigilant and constantly scanning the road for fallen items, or simply pulling over to a safe area until the situation has been taken care of by the police and other relevant authorities.