An irresponsible truck driver can cause large amounts of property damage or even be charged criminally if they intentionally harm others on the roads. 

A truck driver caused an accident and was responsible for a road rage incident near Glenwood Springs and South Canyon in Garfield County, Colorado. 

Road rage near Glenwood Springs 

The incident began when the Amazon employee was driving his truck on Interstate 70 westbound. Due to his aggressive and erratic driving, another driver attempted to get in front of him and wave him down to get him to slow up. This other driver and passengers in the vehicle claimed that the suspect’s Amazon truck had almost hit them and several other vehicles in the area. When he attempted to stop in front of the semi, the Amazon driver rammed into his vehicle. After a verbal altercation between the two drivers, the Amazon trucker attempted to forcefully push the other driver’s vehicle off of the road and out of his way. He also took out a tire iron and hit the victim. A mobile phone video of the encounter captured most of the incident and was provided to a Garfield County Sheriff’s deputy as evidence. Multiple witnesses were also able to confirm the Amazon driver’s speeding and reckless behavior leading up to the incident. 

The police closed part of I-70 westbound while they investigated the incident and spoke to the victim. The suspect, who had a New York driver’s license and Brooklyn address, was ultimately arrested and charged with a felony for first degree assault along with misdemeanor reckless driving charges. The victim needed to be taken to a local hospital to receive stitches for lacerations on the back of his head. 

Truck accidents that result in criminal charges

This truck accident includes reckless and criminal behavior by an employee of a major company. While these actions will not be conclusive in a civil lawsuit related to the incident, they certainly provide evidence of negligence and improper behavior by the defendant.  

When companies that are engaged in large amounts of shipping such as Amazon, UPS, or Fedex are involved in a truck accident, an attorney for the plaintiff will normally sue this business rather than the individual driver. This is because the company is strictly responsible for the actions of its employees while they are engaged in their normal job duties. It is also more beneficial from a financial standpoint to file a case against a large business that will have the ability to pay out damages to the plaintiff. 

In a case such as this, the damages available to the plaintiff can be extensive. There is damage to the vehicle, hospital treatment for the wounds that occurred during the altercation, possible lost wages if the victim cannot return to work, and even punitive damages if a judge allows the jury to award additional money that is meant to punish the defendant for extreme behavior. If Amazon hired a driver that already had a criminal record, this can be used as further evidence of negligence. 

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