A Metro Public Works worker tragically passed away while on duty in Nashville, Tennessee after he was run over by a garbage truck earlier this week, as reported by wsmv.com. The worker has been identified by Nashville Police Law Enforcement Authorities as 19 year old Chandler Harris.

According to investigators and witnesses, Harris was riding on the back of the garbage truck when it was travelling on Commerce Street when the truck edged inches away from a concrete wall near Christian Life Center and crushed him between the truck and the wall. At this point, Harris was hurt but still alive.  Unfortunately, the driver then backed up and Harris fell onto the road following which the driver backed up once again and ran him over.

No malice

The driver of the garbage truck has been identified as Larry Ternary. Ternary was shaken by what had happened. He said that he was unaware that Harris had fallen off the truck and that he had run him over while reversing to correct his angle to pull out. Investigators continue to investigate the accident; however, they believe that it was a tragic accident and nothing more sinister. Even the most sensational attorneys across the land which can be found right here on USAttorneys.com know when to apply the brakes and when to press on the gas.

Lawsuit filed by family against trucking company seeks $4.5 million despite the accident being mainly their son’s fault

A civil lawsuit has been filed against defendants Kenneth J. Sellers (the truck driver) and Mercer Transportation Company, Inc. (the trucking company) claiming negligence. The lawsuit not only seeks economic and non-economic damages totaling up to $4.5 million but demands that the case be tried in front of a jury of their peers, as reported by therogersvillereview.com.

Not the truck driver’s fault

The lawsuit was filed by a truck accident attorney representing the family of the decedent Austen Lyons Mallory. Mallory was only 18 years of age. According to the lawsuit, Mallory was driving home after a shift from Hutchinson Sealing Systems in Church Hill when he lost directional control of his Ford F-150. The car veered of the highway and ploughed into the backend of a tractor trailer which was parked on the shoulder. Two days after the incident, Mallory succumbed to his injuries and passed away.

The driver was cited for improper parking. Realizing this, the attorney and the family  have sued the driver and the trucking company itself claiming the driver had parked the truck in a negligent manner and that their son would still be alive if the truck had not been parked in that spot.

Truck accident laws

America is the king of consumerism. To transport the countless number of goods and gadgets across the country, we employ huge 18-wheeler rigs. However, with 18-wheeler rigs come the potential for fatal accidents. The trucking industry is a very profitable industry and the competition cut throat, which tempts trucking companies to cut corners to save money and time. This is something that an experienced Nashville TN truck accident attorney who can be reached right here www.sbinjurylaw.com knows and which most people don’t fully understand.

A lot of companies negligently compromise on safety (things like maintenance, employing qualified drivers, overworking drivers, etc.). This eventually leads to accidents that kill innocent motorists. Such companies need to be sued for every penny they have, and to be able to do this successfully, we need to appoint a qualified Tennessee truck accident lawyer that not only understands trucking laws but know how and where to apply them.

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