Oversize loadFloyds Knobs, IN- An Indiana father was killed and his teen daughter was critically injured in a freak accident after they collided with tractor-trailer carrying an over-sized load.

Wave 3 News reports that truck driver Gary Green of Arkansas was driving a tractor-trailer loaded with oversized I-beams that extended beyond the trailer. Green then made a turn onto U.S. 150 and as he was turning, the I-beam extended into the westbound lanes where motorists Sean Ford was traveling with his 15-year-old daughter.

Ford’s vehicle struck the I-beam, causing him to suffer fatal injuries and left his daughter critical injured, according to Wave 3 News. According to WHAS 11, Ford’s vehicle was split by the impact.

After the impact, Ford’s vehicle continued traveling down the road, creating a 1,200 foot long accident scene. Police noted that Green did not have an escort car which is sometimes a requirement for over-sized loads.

An investigation of the accident is still underway and police said the truck driver was cooperating with police. One officer told WHAS 11 that Green made a U-turn and they are looking into the legality of that turn. At this stage in the investigation, it is too soon to tell if any negligence on part of the truck driver played a role in the accident.

This accident demonstrates the risks posed by a commercial truck carrying an oversized load. In a recent accident which grabbed national headlines, a commercial truck carrying an oversized load was struck by a passenger train after it became stuck in tracks in Halifax, North Carolina. Witnesses watched the driver attempted to navigate his large load in the tight area surrounding the tracks, but he was unsuccessful and gas to flee from his truck as the train approached. This particular accident could have been very bad, but no one was killed and most of the injuries were minor.

Investigators later said the load this truck was too large for the area and there was no escort car.

Oversized, overweight or improperly loaded commercial trucks can be hard to control. For this reason, there are federal regulations in place to commercial truck accidents. If a truck driver of trucking company ignores those regulations, they should be held liable for the injuries, deaths or property damage that result from their negligence. The Indiana truck accident attorneys at US Attorneys are skillful litigators and will work tirelessly to get the victims they represent the compensation they need and deserve for their injuries and emotional distress.

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