A 58 year old man whose identity has been withheld from public by authorities for the moment was killed in his hometown on Roan Road in southwest Maricopa, just a few miles from Scottsdale. According to inmaricopa.com, the victim was run over by his own truck which was unmanned. Reportedly, he and a friend were working on the truck at the time of the accident.

Scary event

According to police reports, the decedent and his friend were repairing it’s engine when it suddenly ignited. Unfortunately, the truck was engaged in reverse gear and it ran over the owner who was right behind it and killed him almost immediately. His friend, a 49 year old male whose identity hasn’t been released either, instinctively rolled underneath the truck and sustained injuries to both his legs, arms and even to his head. It does not seem like there is too much a fantastic Scottsdale, AZ truck accident lawyer such as this can do here.

Unfortunately, the owner of the truck rolled under the truck but the truck came to halt on top of him and he died as a result of the blunt force trauma. The friend was rushed to a medical facility for treatment by an air ambulance; his injuries are of a non life threatening nature. 911 dispatchers received the emergency call from the decedent’s wife.

Teenager from Maricopa dies in cattle truck accident

An accident between a pickup truck and another truck hauling cattle has resulted in the death of a 17 year old Maricopa youth. The decedent was a football player for Maricopa High School and was operating the pickup truck, according to trivalleycentral.com.

The crash occurred on Arizona 347 at Farrell Road, a few miles from Scottsdale but still in the same region, The impact of the accident sent the 17 year old pickup toppling over and it finally came to a rest on its roof. Local authorities had to rush to build a make shift barrier to control the cattle running around astray.

The identity of the decedent was not released publicly by authorities due to the age (non adult status) of the athlete. The Maricopa High School authorities said in a written statement that they were deeply saddened by what had happened and their thoughts and prayers were with the family of the young man whose life was taken away from him.

The football team also cancelled their scheduled practice session in wake of what had transpired. Scottsdale, AZ truck accident attorneys were looking into this case with intensity. If you want to fine true legal talent in the truck driving accident hemisphere and pivotal information for the same, here you go.

Truck accident legislation – Arizona

According to Scottsdale truck accident attorneys, Arizona enforces a separate set of laws and safety regulations for trucking companies and truck drivers to ensure that operations are carried out in a safe manner. Unfortunately, sometimes the rules are bent or broken.

Truck companies and drivers continue to be negligent and reckless and end up killing or permanently disabling hundreds of innocent motorists in Arizona every year. Sometimes it is the motorists fault for being sloppy drivers but sometimes it is these trucking company’s fault as well. Therefore, it is very important for those who have been affected by truck accidents to appoint an experienced Arizona truck accident lawyer and one of the best can be located right here: http://rudolphhammond.com/.