If you were involved in a truck accident with a driver who doesn’t have enough insurance to cover all of your medical expenses, it might be time for you to consult with a Fort Myers, FL truck accident lawyer. Anytime an accident victim is unable to recoup the money they need to pay for their hospital bills, the numerous trips they have had to make to the doctor, the cost of surgery, or any other medical care costs, they need to explore the other avenues that might help them secure the money they need so that they are not left to pay for these expenses out of their own pocket.


And this is something a Fort Myers, FL truck accident attorney can help you with.


A lawyer who has experience with handling truck crash cases will be able to determine which parties you can pursue for compensation when the other driver’s insurance policy isn’t enough to cover your medical expenses. They can also help you determine if there are any other insurance policies available that would pay your medical costs. To give you an idea as to where you might be able to recover the money from, below we have provided you with a list of parties that might also be liable for providing you with benefits.


  • Your health insurance company. If you are currently insured by a healthcare company, you may be able to submit your claims to your carrier to see if it will cover some or all of the medical treatment you have had rendered for the injuries you suffered in the accident.


  • The company the driver works for. If the driver was not hired as an independent contractor and was performing duties that fell within the scope of employment at the time of the accident, you may be able to file a claim with their employer’s insurer.


  • Your uninsured/underinsured policy. If you purchased this type of coverage, it should help pay for some or all of the costs the other driver’s insurer won’t pay.


  • The manufacturing company who supplied parts for the truck. Sometimes, truck accidents occur as a result of driver error while other times they happen as a result of a defective part (i.e. faulty brakes). If the truck accident you were involved in happened because the vehicle had one or more flawed parts, an attorney can gather the evidence needed to prove this.


In the event you are having a hard time recouping the compensation you need for the costly medical bills that continue to pile up, it might be time for you to turn to a lawyer for help. A truck accident lawyer in Fort Myers, FL can assess the circumstances surrounding the wreck and determine if filing a personal injury lawsuit against the driver and/or other parties is an option. To speak with an attorney in Fort Myers now, contact King Law today for a free case evaluation.


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