Highway crashes can result in all kinds of injuries and problematic situations, especially when large trucks are involved. 

A truck accident caused delays and damage just south of Fort Lauderdale near the Hollywood Boulevard exit on the Florida Turnpike. 

Turnpike accident puts rescue crews in the water

When emergency crews arrived at the scene, they found an oil tanker truck that went through a guardrail and into a canal on the side of the road. This was on the southbound turnpike lanes near the Griffin Road and Hollywood Boulevard exits. Pictures from the scene show the cab of the truck partially submerged under the water in the canal. Fire rescue crews had to wade through the water to remove the driver and provide medical attention. The trucker was taken to a hospital to be examined, but he did not appear to be injured. Another driver involved in the crash also seemed uninjured.

Police believe the accident occurred when a nearby Mercedes Benz sedan made contact with the truck. Witnesses say that the tanker started to skid to the side towards the guardrail after the initial impact with the car. The Mercedes sustained a large amount of damage, and it looks like the vehicle will be a total loss. The driver’s brother thought he would be seriously hurt, but was surprised to find out that he was fine after the collision. 

Most of the southbound lanes on the turnpike remained closed in the hours following the crash.    

Various legal actions after a serious accident

There may be a number of lawsuits and insurance claims tied to this one incident. The driver of the Mercedes may try to hold the trucking company responsible for the damage to his vehicle. If the truck driver is found to be negligent, his employer may be forced to pay for any losses that can be traced back to the accident, including the costs of repairs, medical treatment, and missed time from work. The truck driver may also try to make his employer pay for any treatment, as he was engaged in his job duties while the accident happened. It is possible that his employer has business insurance that will cover the costs of lost cargo and any other forms of injury or property damage. 

Florida’s negligence laws will complicate the situation even further. The state uses a doctrine called comparative negligence where fault is divided between everyone involved in an accident. This means that the issue for the jury is to not just decide which party is responsible, but determine a percentage of fault for each person or vehicle involved. In some situations, the result of the case may not be obvious, as this a highly fact intensive inquiry. 

This news story shows that truck accidents can sometimes result in a complex web of insurance claims and lawsuits. That is why it is important to have an expert attorney sort out these issues on your behalf and either file a lawsuit or defend against claims from others involved in the accident. 

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