When a truck driver loses control of their vehicle, they create a serious hazard to the drivers and property nearby. In some cases, a stay truck causes significant damage and other long term problems and losses for business owners and bystanders.  

A driver was arrested after his truck crashed into a gas station convenience store in Fort Lauderdale Florida

Truck crashes into Fort Lauderdale gas station

Police responded to the intersections of Northeast 4th Ave and Northeast 13th Street to find that a Dodge Ram pickup truck had went through the Exxon parking lot and into the left side glass window of the convenience store. The driver of the truck was not hurt, but one person nearby had to be taken to an area hospital to be treated for minor injuries. The store manager said that he heard a loud boom noise while inside, and noticed the injured customer nearby was hit by a coffee maker. Some shelves in the area of the wreckage were displaced and the front of the truck had a large amount of visible damage.

When police made contact with the 67 year old male driver, they said he apologized for the incident, but he was arrested. Law enforcement suspects that the driver may have been consuming alcohol before he lost control of his truck. 

Photos from the accident scene showed a tow truck removing the large black truck from the storefront. The store reopened later the same day with the damaged section closed off. 

Property damage after truck accidents

Because of the large size of trucks, it is common for some kind of property damage to result from truck accidents. This is true whether the driver is working for a business and driving a commercial vehicle or driving their own truck. In the case of accidents involving commercial vehicles, it is usually advisable to sue the company that owns the truck rather than the individual worker who is responsible. This is because the employer is strictly liable for these kinds of accidents and any associated losses if the driver was working and engaged in their routine job duties. 

The value of a truck accident lawsuit involving significant property damage

Most civil negligence lawsuits allow the victim to tally their losses and ask for this amount from the defendant in the initial case filings. In a situation like the article above, the store owner may sue using bills for repairs, lost revenue and operating costs, insurance claims, and other problems caused by the accident to prove the damages. It is advisable to consult with a lawyer before trying to make an estimate of the value of a lawsuit on your own, as damages can be a complex element in a civil lawsuit. There is even the possibility of projecting future losses based on the initial incident or recovering non-economic damages related to emotional suffering caused by the accident. 

Get local help from an experienced law firm 

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