Many truck crash victims, as well as the surviving family members of those who lost their lives in a truck accident, are unaware of what their rights are in terms of whether or not they are permitted to take legal action against the at-fault party. But the truth is, when negligence or careless behavior was what caused the accident to transpire, they can file a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit that demands compensation be paid for certain damages. An accident victim or a surviving family can request compensation be paid for current and future medical expenses, lost wages as some accidents result in a person’s inability to work, and even pain and suffering.

Some things you need to keep in mind if you are considering filing a lawsuit for the recent truck collision you were involved in is that you are going to need to hire a qualified and knowledgeable truck accident attorney. Although you may be permitted to file suit on your own, the chances of you procuring an outcome that is fair and favorable are much slimmer than if you were represented by a lawyer who understands how to maneuver through the legal system. Something else you need to be aware of, especially if you suffered serious or debilitating injuries, is that your lawsuit might take months or even years before a settlement is reached.


Although personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits can take a significant amount of time to settle, the outcome is generally worth it.


One family experienced the drawn-out process associated with filing suit after their son, who was attending medical school, was killed in an accident involving a semi-truck. The parents of 29-year-old Jonathan Raymond Astaphan filed the wrongful death lawsuit in 2015 after their son was killed in a collision that occurred along Interstate 75 near Pines Boulevard. Astaphan’s vehicle had crossed paths with a flatbed tractor-trailer that was hauling concrete barriers out of a construction area on the median.

Juan Calero, whose truck blocked all of the highway’s lanes, caused Astaphan and another driver to collide with it. The Sun-Sentinel highlighted that “the impact propelled Astaphan’s 2006 Mitsubishi Lancer and the truck about a quarter-mile down the highway, shearing off the Lancer’s roof.” Authorities reported that Astaphan died at the scene of the collision. Although his passenger was able to survive, a teen riding in a BMW also struck the flatbed truck, causing concrete barriers to fall onto her vehicle and was instantly killed.

Although the lawsuit filed on behalf of the teen was still pending, Astaphan’s case was finally settled at the end of 2017, nearly two years after his death. Astaphan’s parents received $35 million in damages from Ranger Construction Industries of West Palm Beach and another $10,005,000 from Juan Calero, who was the operator of the flatbed truck.


While the settlement won’t bring back Astaphan, it will provide his family with some closure. And if you or someone you know was injured in an accident involving a commercial vehicle, you can retain a Fort Lauderdale truck accident lawyer who can help you recover compensation that will

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help you during the recovery process or give you the closure you might be seeking.


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