winter car crashOmaha, NE- It may be spring in Nebraska and most of the U.S., but winter-like weather combined with speed caused a major 50-vehicle pileup Monday morning that left one person dead and 16 injured.

The chain of collisions which mostly involved tractor-trailers began to unfold around 8 a.m. on a rural stretch of I-80 running through Laramie, Wyoming. It all began in the westbound lanes when two tractor-trailers colliding, causing one to jackknife and block both lanes, Vail Daily reports.

After that the collisions just kept coming. A You Tube videos of the crash shows the accident as it unfolds—you can see one here. Tractor-trailer after tractor-trailer can be seen coming upon the accident scene traveling way too fast for road conditions and violently crashing one into another, causing one collision after the other.

0ne of the 59 vehicles, a tanker truck burst into flames which took hours to burn out and delayed cleanup for several hours.

That was just one of the nearly five pileup occurring in Wyoming over the weekend.

Amazingly, only one person was killed, but at least 16 people suffered injuries requiring hospitalization.

Police charged one Canadian truck driver with vehicular manslaughter, according to the Vail Daily.

I-80 westbound was closed all of Monday and police say that it could be closed for most of the day Tuesday, perhaps into Wednesday.

This accident is yet another example of how much damage that results from a combination of speed and poor road conditions. Federal regulations specifically dictate that all motorists, especially truck drivers, must slow down and tailor their driving to existing road and weather conditions. It is the duty of all truck drivers to take travel conditions adjust their speed accordingly, otherwise you get collisions like these.

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