Washington County, PA- The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) is getting behind a Government Accountability report, which they claim shows that Hours of Service (HOS) rules implemented in 2013 are successful. But one the country’s largest trucking lobbies, the American Trucking Association, says the agency “cherry picked” the results of the study.

Last Thursday, the FMCSA said in a press release that a new GOA report, which Congress ordered the agency to conduct, demonstrates the new HOS ruled are a success and have made major improvements in trucking safety.

The GOA report states that after the HOS rules went into effect: the number of fatal truck accidents decreased; fewer drivers were working the maximum allowable hours; risk of driver fatigue declined and there was no increase in truck accidents occurring during morning rush hours, 5 a.m. to 9 a.m.

“This GAO report provides further evidence that the changes FMCSA made to the HOS rules improve highway safety by saving lives and lowering the risk of driver fatigue,” said Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx said in the agency’s press release. “This reinforces our belief that these life saving measures are critical to keeping people safe on the roads.”

While the FMCAS stands by the success of their HOS rules, the American Trucking Association is accusing the federal agency of “cherry picking” the results of the GAO report, and spinning it to ensure the rules remain in place, Trucking Info reported.

For example, the ATA says that while the GAO report confirmed  fatal truck crashes declined in 2014, after the rules were applied, the FMCSA failed to note that GAO did not have enough long-term data to make an accurate determination on whether HOS rules did indeed reduce fatal truck crashes, Trucking Info reports.

There is no denying that driver fatigue is a real issue in the trucking industry and leads to numerous preventable truck accidents. The NHTSA finds that fatigue is one of the three top causes of commercial truck accidents in U.S. which HOS rules are aimed at reducing. Even though the trucking industry disputes the FMCSA’s assertions that these rules are effective, it is comforting for many motorists to know those rules are in place, even if they save only one life or prevents only one person from suffering horrific injuries.

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