The FMCSA can shut down a trucking company if they violate federal trucking regulations.

The FMCSA can shut down a trucking company if they violate federal trucking regulations.

Columbia, SC- The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration ordered a South Carolina truck driver and trucking company to cease operations after an investigation revealed a troubling safety record for both.

In March, the FMCSA ordered South Carolina-licensed truck driver Stevie Wolfe Breland to cease operations after an investigation. The agency’s imminent hazard out-of-service order said that allowing Breland to continue driving “vehicle substantially increases the likelihood of serious injury or death to you and the motoring public.”

The investigation of Breland began after he was accused of causing a fatal hit-and-run collision in February. According to the FMCSA press release, Breland was driving on I-77 in Chester County when he struck the rear of an SUV and ran off of the road.

A commercial truck accident is twice as likely to be deadly.

Multiple reports state that the driver of the SUV lost control and overturned, killing a front seat passenger. After the colliding with SUV Breland drove away from the scene, stopping down the road a bit to remove a damaged bumper to conceal his involvement in the fatal accident. When he returned to trucking company hub, Breland told them he struck a deer and had his truck repaired.

Even though the passenger died, police managed to save the driver and two puppies that were in the back of the SUV.

The FMCSA alleges that this was not the first time Breland was involved in a collision. They report that, in November of 2014, he rear-ended a vehicle on I-26 in Charleston while making an improper lane change. He also rear-ended a vehicle in July of 2015 on I-77 near Mooresville, North Carolina.

Contact a truck accident lawyer if you suffer severe injuries or lose a loved one.

Contact a truck accident lawyer if you suffer severe injuries or lose a loved one.

The FMCSA alleges that Breland falsified his log books to show that he was in Charleston when the February 2016 accident occurred and ordered him to cease driving.

The investigation also found issues at the trucking company where Breland worked and ordered them to shut down as well.

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