Sarasota, FL- Truck accidents can be very complicated on top of being very dangerous. In some cases blame can placed on solely on the driver. On the other hand, trucking companies can one of the culprits behind a serious truck accident because they operate outside of trucking regulations and often circumvent rules that directly impact road safety. A Florida trucking company that was shut down last fall can give us a portrait of dangerous trucking company.

After a lengthy investigation, last fall the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration shut down Ken’s Trucking—based in Grande Ridge— after they found “numerous widespread violations of critical safety regulations.” In the press release, the FMCSA said that the company was involved in five “recordable” accidents; one of which occurred because a drive shaft fell out of one of their trucks. Another involved a driver who tested positive for methamphetamine use.

The federal agency also said that in the 12 months prior to being shut down, 29 of the people driving for Ken’s Trucking received over two dozen traffic violations which included 15 citations for speeding. The FMCSA also alleges Ken’s Trucking:

  • Failed oversee driver’s files in order to be certain all licenses and certifications were up to date.
  • Allowed drivers with suspended CDLs, expired medical certificate or positive drug tests to drive. (Four drivers who tested positive for drugs were allow on the road.)
  • Failed to be ensure truck drivers followed with federal-hours-of-service rules.
  • Failed to maintain, inspect and repair their vehicles. During 42 roadside inspections involving Ken’s Trucking vehicles, investigators found 112 mechanical violations.

Federal and state trucking regulations maybe troublesome to drivers or trucking companies, but they intent is to ensure truck drivers and passenger vehicle motorists are safe from harm. But those regulations are often violated and a terrible truck crash is the ultimate result. Victims of truck accidents should speak with a truck accident lawyer in Sarasota to outline their rights and determine if they should file an injury claim.

When you retain an attorney, they will begin investigating your accident and building a solid personal injury or wrongful death claim. The truck accident lawyers at USAttorneys understands the complexity of truck accidents and will carefully and thoroughly investigate the safety records of the at-fault driver and the trucking company they work for. They are capable of examining the evidence and determining if a trucking company’s negligence led to a fatal or injurious truck accident.

A trucking company that knowingly puts a driver with a suspended or expired CDL on the road. Or allows a driver with a drug problem to drive for them, that trucking company will have to take some or all of the responsibility for a devastating crash. By holding all parties accountable, the victims can recover the amount of compensation that reflects the severity of their injuries and mental anguish their crash caused. Contact USAttorneys today and we can connect you with an expert who understands truck accidents.