Drunken or drugged driving accounts for less than four percent of fatal truck accidents.

Broward County, FL- Nearly one-third of fatal traffic accidents in the U.S. are attributed to drugged or drunken drivers. The vast majority of those crashes involve passenger vehicle motorists, but some truck drivers also make the grave mistake of driving under the influence. You may be asking: How common is impaired driving among commercial truck drivers? Our team of truck accident lawyers in Florida will share some facts about impaired driving and truck accidents here.

Luckily, drunken or drugged driving is not common among truck drivers in the U.S., though it does occur. In their 2014, Large Truck and Bus Crash Study of 2014 the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) found that 3.9 percent of fatal truck accidents were caused by impairment which can be caused by fatigue, illness or intoxication, so it’s clear that drunken or drugged driving is rare for truck drivers. A 2013 report from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety states that only 4 percent of truck drivers who suffered fatal injuries in a crash had a blood alcohol concentration of .08 percent.

In fatal truck accidents that involved drugged driving, narcotics were the most commonly detected drug according to the FMCSA. Other commonly detected drugs include stimulants, depressants, and cannabinoids.

Driving under the influence hinders a truck driver’s ability to control their large and heavy vehicle.

While alcohol and drug are uncommon for commercial truck drivers, some drivers get behind the wheel when they are intoxicated. An impaired driver is slow to react and lacks good coordination and judgment necessary to respond if an emergency arises. An impaired truck driver is also more inclined to engage in other risky driving behaviors like speeding which will make the impact or a truck crash worse.

It is illegal for a truck driver to drive with a blood alcohol concentration that exceeds 0.04 percent. If a truck driver is charged with a DUI while on the job will face costly fines and could have their commercial driver’s license suspended for one to two years even if they did not cause an accident.

If you were hurt by a truck driver who was drunk or on drugs when your accident occurred, we recommend you get legal advice. You and your loved ones may be entitled to significant compensation, so we recommend you set up a consultation with a truck accident attorney near your Florida location. With the sound legal advice, you can avoid missteps that will damage your case.

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The FMCSA found that narcotics were commonly detected in fatal impaired truck accidents.