Volusia, FL-Any number of actions or mistakes on behalf of a motorist or truck driver or adverse road conditions can lead to a catastrophic truck accident. Another leading cause of life-shattering truck accidents in Florida is mechanical failure according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

If you have been injured in a truck accident or lost a loved one, USAttorneys can help you locate an attorney near you in Florida to assist you with your personal injury or wrongful death claim. They will begin investigating your accident to determine the cause. They will also help you make an informed decision about how to handle your truck accident claim. Our team of truck accident attorneys know how to secure a generous settlement that covers all your truck accident-related costs.

Some of the more commonly observed mechanical issues that can lead to a truck accident according to the NHTSA:

Balding, underinflated or failing tires

Poorly maintained or failing brakes

Defective lights such as brake lights and turn signals

Failing transmission and other critical mechanical parts

Any of the above can cause a terrible truck accident, but failing brakes is by far the most common mechanical issue detected in fatal truck accidents. If you couple failing brakes with speed, distraction or following too closely, the chances of a truck accident occurring increase dramatically. Even the most experienced truck driver will have difficulties controlling a vehicle with failing brakes or other failing mechanics.

In a past Fatal Causation Study, the NHTSA found that 55 percent of the truck involved in accidents with injuries has at least one mechanical issues had at least one mechanical failure and approximately 30 percent of these trucks had at least one mechanical issue that would have taken that truck out-of-service.

When a truck, weighing tons, is involved in an accident, the results can be devastating. That is why truck driver and trucking companies have a duty to ensure their trucks are working properly and repairs are made in a timely fashion. Not assuring that commercial is truck is in safe working order is negligent and may be financially liable for any injuries incurred in an accident. There is a high price to pay for putting lives at risk to put of making a necessary repair. It may save someone a few bucks to put off a repair or inspection but in the long run that decision will far more costly if an accident is the ultimate result.

Whether your accident was the result of a mechanical failure or driver errors, you want someone on your side who an provide you with a solid accident claim. We suggest you act immediately and contact one of our attorneys to stand up for your rights and fight for what is fair. If you have been hurt in a truck accident you deserve respect and you deserve justice. You can count on our team of truck accident lawyers in Florida to use their skills and experience to ensure the success of your accident claim.