The Seven Mile Bridge is a Florida landmark stretching 6.79 miles, as it connects the Florida Keys, but that stretch of roadway does not leave room for driver error when cars and tractor trailers must navigate together in crowded traffic patterns.  In 2005, a tractor trailer crash caused a fire on the bridge and it was shut down to traffic but luckily escaped structural damage.  This type of accident speaks to the delicate balance necessary to drive on the two lane highway with tractor trailers in the Florida Keys.   Contact an experienced truck accident attorney if you have been involved in an accident in the Florida Keys.

Trucks, by their very size are a danger on most roadways, but if an accident occurs on the Seven Mile Bridge, it blocks access to residents of the Florida Keys and must be avoided.  Tractor trailer drivers must know how to manage the cumbersome size and specialized controls in their vehicles to enable safe operation. Florida’s crowded highways, bridges and overpasses are a big factor for dangerous truck encounters and why the state makes the list of those with higher numbers of truck accidents out of the over 500,000 that occur each year.

Truck driver actions that cause traffic problems and accidents include:

Swinging turns – swinging turns cause truck accidents as a large truck moves to the left before making a right turn.  If there are other vehicles in the truck’s path as it swings outward to navigate the turn are in danger of being hit by the truck unless the driver can react in time and has observed the other vehicles in the surrounding traffic.

Inability to brake – due to weight of truck or increased cargo load.  Short stopping distances are unlikely for a large truck so they must follow at a safe distance, and be mindful of the weight changes of their cargo.

Tire blowouts – often occur in the Summer months when the weather is hot and long driving occurs with heavy cargo loads.  The blowouts can be caused by underinflation, overloading, potholes or bad roadway conditions, and a lapse in maintenance.  Each case will shift fault based on these factors and may play a part in who pays accident damages.

Driver training – if drivers are not aware of routes that facilitate height and weight of a tractor trailer, they can inadvertently end up in situations where the size of their vehicle becomes a danger to themselves, other drivers and the road, bridge or tunnel structures.

Overloaded cargo – overloading, improperly loading and cargo that is not secure can lead to jack knife conditions, rollovers and cargo spills.  The instability of the cargo load through shifting or the weight can lead to accidents and is taken into consideration if legal action is taken.

After a truck accident, legal professionals will collect and analyze all pertinent data related to a truck accident and determine driver fault, impacting the way the case is settled.  Florida Motorist Compliance mandates that all owned and registered motor vehicles are insured.  The reason for this is to make sure people involved in automobile accidents can be compensated for their injuries and damages.

Hire an attorney.

Seeking effective legal counsel who have experience in truck accident cases is in your best interests to get the proper attention to your case, and damage settlements that cover your needs and individual accident circumstances.