A South Florida jury awarded the family of a man killed in a tractor-trailer crash in 2015 $45 million in wrongful death compensation.

Palm Beach, FL-A Florida jury determined that a West Palm Beach construction company’s negligence led to a horrific tractor-trailer accident that left two people dead in 2015 and awarded one of the victim’s surviving family $45 million in wrongful death compensation.

Construction Company Faulted for 2015 Pembroke Pines Crash

After a three-week trial which concluded October 26, 2017, a jury awarded the family of a man who was killed in chain-reaction truck collision in Pembroke Pines $45 million. The jury ordered Ranger Construction Industries, of West Palm Beach, to pay $35 million and truck driver Juan Calero, to pay $10.5 million for the 29-year-old med student’s death.

Calero was pulling a flatbed truck hauling concrete barriers was pulling out of a construction zone on I-75 around 11:35 p.m. and was blocking all open lanes of the interstate when it was hit by med student’s vehicle, a Mitsubishi Lancer. The roof of the Lancer was sheared off and propelled about a half a mile down the road, according to the Sun-Sentinel. The driver was killed instantly.

A passenger in the Lancer, a 25-year-old woman, survived the crash but she suffered critical injuries.

Moments after the Lancer struck the truck, another vehicle, a BMW driven by a 17-year-old girl rear-ended the flatbed which was obstructing the roadway, causing one of the concrete barriers to fall on her car. The woman suffered fatal injuries causing fatal injuries. Her family filed a wrongful death suit shortly after the crash.

According to the Sun-Sentinel, the attorney representing the deceased man said Ranger Construction “failed to safely guide its vehicles out of construction areas and into lanes of traffic.”

In a statement following the trial, the construction company said they are not responsible for the young man’s death because the truck driver was employed by a subcontractor and not their employee. The company was also critical of the award amount.

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