Boca Raton, FL – Some drivers choose to rarely or never use their turn signals in Florida. While they may not receive a traffic citation every time this happens, it is still a dangerous action that can result in accidents, injuries, and property damage. This becomes even more of a problem when a driver of a large truck or commercial vehicle fails to use their signals. Such violations can result in actions taken against their commercial driver’s license and cause serious highway collisions. 

Florida’s law regarding the use of turn signals

Florida has turn signal laws which are meant to let other drivers know that a vehicle will be changing lanes or making a turn. The law states that the driver should start to signal for approximately 100 feet before the movement, and that the light should be visible for at least 50 feet away from the car. A white or amber light is supposed to be available for turn signaling on all motor vehicles. Violations of this law can be enforced by police officers as a moving violation. Multiple traffic violations can result in a driver’s license suspension or other related problems. 

When a driver does not signal and crashes into another vehicle

It is certainly possible that a driver will cause an accident if they do not use their signal appropriately. If the victim of this driver wants to file a civil injury lawsuit, evidence of the improper signal use and violation of the relevant law can be used as evidence of negligence. In civil cases, the fact that someone received a citation does not decide the case, as that is left to the jury. However, there can be a strong presumption that the driver was at fault for a relevant traffic infraction in the moments before a collision. 

If the driver who committed the infraction is found to be at fault, they can be responsible for various losses sustained by the victim. This includes missed time from work and lost wages, emotional pain, trauma and other psychological effects of the accident, and medical treatment that was required immediately afterward or continued care. After serious accidents these costs can add up to very large amounts. The victim’s attorney will try to get the maximum allowed by law through a settlement or verdict. 

Learning more about how traffic violations factor into civil cases

Anyone who has been affected by a driver who failed to use their turn signal can contact a local attorney, even if they have filed an insurance claim. Rosenberg Injury Law assists accident victims in the Boca Raton area and nearby parts of Florida. 

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