Phoenix, AZ- Five members of one family, including three children were killed in a two-vehicle accident Saturday night on Interstate 10 near Picacho Peak Arizona Police said.

Police say Renee Blackmore, 49; her daughter, Danielle Blackmore, 20; and three children, two 12-year-olds and an 8-year-old were traveling in a pickup truck when one of the tires separated and the driver lost control.

The out-of-control pickup then crossed over into the eastbound lanes of Interstate 10 and collided with a tractor-trailer. A third car also struck the truck.

Renee, Danielle and all three children whose parents were not in the vehicle were all taken to a Phoenix area hospital where they later died of their injuries.

Tracy Blackmore, 47, the husband, father and grandfather of those killed, was driving at the time and was the sole survivor in the pickup truck.

The truck driver suffered minor injuries and was also taken to a local hospital. The occupants of the third truck were not injured.
One of the Blackmore’s neighbors told Arizona Central that the three children were staying with their grandparents for Spring Break.

This accident was a tragedy that does not appear to be the fault of any of the drivers.

Properly functioning equipment is necessary for any vehicle regardless of the size and whether it is used for personal or commercial use. As this accident demonstrates, malfunctioning or defective parts and equipment can have devastating consequences. Some parts and equipment fail without warning, but there are many instances when a devastating accident can be prevented by simply maintaining and repairing a truck as necessary.

Common Types of Equipment Failure:
• Faulty or poorly maintained brakes
• Improperly inflated or worn tires
• Defective or missing safety equipment such as underride rails
• Improperly functioning or defective lights turn signals or
• Overall poor maintenance
• Unbalanced Cargo
• Transmission Failure
• Part Manufacturing Defects

When a injurious or deadly accident is the result of failing equipment or a poorly maintained truck, multiple parties can be held liable for any injuries, deaths or property damage that result from an accident.

If a trucking company or driver fails to maintain their vehicles or vehicle, they are exposing other motorists to potential danger. Neglecting to something as simple replacing the tires, a safety light or doing more complex repairs such as replacing the braking system or transmission may save a truck owner or company money in the short term, but if an accident occurs, they may find that it costs them a great deal more in the long run if their vehicle is involved in a serious accident.

When there is a reasonable suspension that equipment failure caused an injurious or deadly accident, it is very important the victim or victims contact a truck accident attorney immediately. This gives an attorney the time they need to gather evidence and work on building a strong and convincing case. Having legal representation will assure that a truck accident victim receives a fair settlement.