Did you know that over 5 million commercial vehicle accidents occur annually according to trustedchoice.com? The fact is, commercial trucks play a major role in our economic system and most businesses rely heavily on them to transport goods to store locations and consumers. But, with truckers spending a large portion of their time on the roadway and the risk they pose when out there, this “little” fact isn’t quite hard to digest. Unfortunately, for those who do wind up getting into an accident with a commercial vehicle, these collisions can be devastating.

If a commercial truck driver was repsonsible for causing your accident, you may be able to obtain compensation from the company’s insurance policy.

When anyone is involved in a crash with a commercial truck, they want to be sure those who are negligent or careless are held accountable for their wrongdoing. Sometimes it’s the truck driver, other times it’s the company that is held liable, or it can also be both. But, filing a truck accident claim is something that needs to be done correctly to ensure you are compensated for the damage that was done to your vehicle, the medical bills associated with the treatment you had rendered, and any loss of wages you may have experienced.

So, what do you need to know regarding filing an insurance claim for a commercial truck accident? Below you will find some useful information that can help you get on your way to getting what you deserve for the unfortunate circumstances that have arisen.


When an accident is caused by an employee driving the truck

When this type of collision occurs and the employee driving the truck is held liable, they may not be the one who is directly responsible for compensating the other driver. If you were recently involved in a truck accident in Colorado, you are more than likely going to file a claim through the employer’s insurance company rather than the driver’s. Trusted Choice states that their collision insurance is who will generally pay for the claim unless other legal issues arise or there are medical payments that their policy isn’t going to cover but you want to be compensated for. The employer’s liability insurance may also cover the claim in the event their collision coverage won’t.

Keep in mind that while some of these transactions are smooth and a truck accident injury victim is provided with what they are entitled to, others accounts don’t run as smoothly. Whether you are struggling to get the insurance company to provide you with a settlement or their offer is far too low, you always have the option of hiring a Colorado truck accident attorney through USAttorneys who will step in and handle the matter allowing the outcome to be in your favor, not the employer’s.


Ensuring you receive the compensation you deserve

Although it is always suggested you have a truck accident attorney in Colorado look over the details of your matter to ensure you are being provided with what it is you are eligible to receive, you can be proactive as well and be certain you have everything recorded down and keep track of all the incoming information you receive. If the insurer asks for something, be sure you are able to provide it to them. And in the event you find they simply aren’t complying, you can then elect to hire one of the experienced and skilled CO trucking accident lawyers featured on USAttorneys who will gladly help you.