Waterboro, SC- Three South Carolina trucking companies which operate throughout the Southeast have been closed by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration after the agency determined the companies to be a hazard public safety.

The three companies, CER Trucking owned by Clarence Edward Risher, Edward Risher Trucking, owned by Risher’s son, Clarence Edward Risher Jr., and commercial driver Clarence Edward Risher, Jr., were served federal shut-down orders in December, according to Trucking Info.com.

In late November, Clarence Risher Jr., who was working as a driver for CER trucking, was involved in an accident in Virginia. Risher Jr. crossed the center median of Virginia State Route and struck a passenger vehicle head-on, killing the driver.

Risher Jr. was later charged with reckless driving, driving without a driver’s license, operating a commercial motor vehicle while disqualified, possession of alcohol and more.

A subsequent investigation revealed that Risher’s commercial driver’s license had been suspended since 2010 and was later revoked by the South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles for numerous federal and state regulations, Trucking Info.com reported. Yet, he was still driving a truck.

The crash resulted in a FMCSA investigation of both trucking companies and Risher Jr. in which regulators found both companies were lax in following federal regulations.

CER Trucking was deemed an “imminent hazard” after the investigation showed they failed to comply with federal drug and alcohol testing and failed to follow hours-of-service regulations. One driver was allowed to work even though he had been charged with possession of marijuana while driving. CER allowed Risher Jr. to drive with a suspended CDL, and another driver was not medically qualified to drive.

The FMSC also cited CER for failing to maintain or repair their trucks to ensure they were in safe operating condition. The FMCSA also noted that CER could not produce drivers’ records of duty status or supporting documentation, according to Trucking Info.

Edward Risher Jr. Trucking was order to shutdown based on the driving record of Clarence Risher Jr. Under federal regulations, the imminent hazard ruling applies to the company a driver operates.

Most truckers on the road are experienced and make safety their top priority, but it takes only one driver to tarnish the profession. Equipment failure and intoxicated driving are two of the primary causes of truck accidents nationwide, therefore trucking companies that fail to maintain their vehicles or use qualified drivers can be held accountable when one of their drivers are involved in an accident.

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