photodune-693773-death-xsEscambia County, FL- One of the biggest dangers facing motorists when then collide with a tractor-trailer is sliding underneath the trailer. To prevent these kinds of accidents federal regulations require some commercial trucks to have rear underride guards, but some trucks are excluded. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration would like to change that.

Last week, the FMCSA recommended that single unit trucks, commercial trucks with only six wheels and a single axle—be fitted with rear under ride guards. The agency says doing so would save five lives and 30 injuries each year, according to Trucking Info.

The NHTSA also recommended SUTs be required to put reflective tape on their rear so they have better visibility at night. Such regulation would also save several lives and prevent dozens of injuries.

Naturally, there will be some pushback by the trucking industry considering the millions it will cost to implement the rule.

The agency has opened a rule-making process so they can get input from the trucking industry and safety advocates before any rules are finalized.

Safety advocates had hoped changes to federal regulations pertaining to underride guards would require commercial trucks be outfitted with side underride guards, which are mandatory in Canada and some European countries.

Safety equipment can help mitigate the seriousness of a truck crash, but it won’t prevent truck accidents.  That’s because driver error is the leading cause of these especially deadly and injurious accidents. There will always be reckless drivers who put other people in harm’s way because they have to speed, or must read that text message or fall asleep at the wheel.

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