As reported by, investigators believe it is miraculous that no one was seriously hurt in a horrific accident between a FedEx truck and a Utah commuter train which occurred over the past weekend.

The truck accident was captured by the dashboard camera of a police patrol vehicle which was at the scene of the violent accident when it happened.

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The police patrol vehicle was right behind one FedEx truck and then the law enforcement officer stopped going forward, as anyone should do when a train is coming, just before the railway tracks when another FedEx truck coming in the opposite direction failed to stop before the railway lines and was t-boned by a Utah commuter train which was travelling at a high rate of speed.

The impact of the collision was strong enough to literally split the truck in two, right down the middle. According to truck accident lawyers in Utah, who can be found on the amazing website which is lighting up the virtual world and saving families simultaneously, the video footage and investigation report will play a vital role in establishing several legal related issues including liability and insurance.

For some reason, the crossing gates, which was supposed to be down and the flashing lights and bells which were to be on when any train approaches the crossing, were not working. The crossing gates were up and the flashing lights and sounds were off. The gate only came down a few moments after the accident had already occurred and the train had already gone past.

It seems, at the moment, that the pile up of snow may have been what caused the lights and gates to have become unserviceable. The gates and lights are programmed by default to the active and locked position even in case of a power outage. But so what right? How come this FedEx truck driver cannot look left or right?

The crash remains under investigation and the agency made a statement saying that such an accident had never occurred in the past and they are working to ensure that it will never happen in the future either. We just need people to be able to move their heads sideways which apparently too difficult for some people to do.

The police report may not be official but it is still something to go by. In this case, a police officer witnessed the truck-train accident.

Update: UTA employee blamed for FedEx truck and Utah commuter train accident

An employee of the Utah Transit Authority has been fired following the accident. The reason for the termination is that the employee failed to abide by the company’s procedures and protocols which resulted in the accident where the FedEx truck was split in half by a Utah commuter train.

According to investigators, the gates which were supposed to be down when the train was crossing and the flashing lights which were supposed to be on were not active because they had become unserviceable due to the weather and the snow. However, even if unserviceable, the system should default to locked and active. A UTA employee had allegedly bypassed the protection system because of which the accident resulted.

The cause of the accident has been listed as human error. There was not aspect to this human error as already mentioned. When crossing train tracks, look left and right. Especially when you are driving a truck with peoples’ stuff in it!

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