Orange County, CA- The family of the one of the students killed in the fatal California crash last month filed a wrongful death suit against FedEx, making it third lawsuit the company has faced since the terrible accident.

The accident occurred on April 11th after a FedEx truck crossed from a median on Interstate 5 and slammed head on into a charter busy carrying Los Angeles-area students. After colliding, both the bus and the FedEx tractor-trailer erupted in a blaze, leaving the truck driver and eight occupants of the bus, including students, dead.

Ismael Jimenez, 18, was one of the five students killed and his family is the latest to file a wrongful death suit against various parties over the accident, according to the Los Angeles Times.

FedEx, Volvo, the truck manufacturer, the deceased truck driver, and Silverado Stages, which owns the charter bus, where all named in the Jimenez family lawsuit. The suit seeks unspecified damages.

Earlier this month, Rosa Rivera filed a wrongful death suit on behalf of her daughter Jennifer Bonilla, which placed the blame for the accident on multiple parties, as well. It claims FedEx was negligent because they were aware that their trucks had a tendency to catch on fire because of mechanical problems, driver error or improper loading of cargo.

Bonilla’s suit also names Silverado Stages and the deceased driver’s estate and is seeking $100 million dollars in damages. It contains a number of negligence claims.

It is unclear what the negligence claims in the Jimenez suit are, but it is possible they mirror Bonilla’s wrongful death claims.

In addition to the two wrongful death suits, FedEx was also named in a personal injury lawsuit on the behalf of an injured student who suffered serious burns and broken bones.

The 18 year-old student, Miles Hill, is violinist, but he will never be able to play again because of his injuries, according to the Los Angeles Times.

His suit also places blame on Silverado Stages because the driver failed to demonstrate emergency procedures prior to the accident. The suit seeks unspecified damages.

The exact cause of the accident is still under investigation but these three suits are just the beginning of what could be an onslaught of personal injury and wrongful death suits once the NHTSA concludes their investigation. On top of the ten fatalities, 30 people suffered minor to serious injuries.

This accident serves as an example of complicated truck accidents can be and how necessary it for the victims to retain a truck accident attorney.  The cause of truck accidents like this one is not straightforward, a number of factors were at play when these ten people perished including possible driver error and negligence along with mechanical failure.

When multiple parties are responsible for an accident, attaining a fair settlement for the victims depends on a truck accident attorney’s ability to determine which party was negligent, and to what degree they are responsible for the victim’s death or injuries.