Overturned TruckBaton Rouge, LA-With nearly 1.9 million tractor-trailers registered and operating in the U.S., motorists need assurances that these large commercial trucks are being driven by sober, well-rested and experienced drivers and are in safe working order. While it would be ideal to live in a world where trucking companies and other large businesses didn’t have to be told to make personal safety their priority, we don’t live in that world.

There is a lengthy list of regulations the trucking industry must adhere to and many of them deal directly with the safety of their drivers and other motorists. Data from 2013 shows that 3,964 people were killed in truck accidents and of those fatal truck accidents, 2,834 of those killed were passenger vehicle motorists. These accidents a variety of causes, but many preventable accidents are caused by drivers and trucking companies that fail to adhere to federal regulations.

Perhaps one of the most controversial federal trucking regulations is the Hours-of-Service (HOS) rules. These rules dictate how many hours a truck driver is allowed to be on the road and how often they must rest. Under these regulations, truck drivers were only allowed to work 11 hours a day with a 7-day work week capped at 77 hours and an eight-day work week capped at 88 hours. Once a driver reaches those thresholds they must rest periods between 1 a.m. to 5 a.m.

The goal of HOS regulations is to reduce driver fatigue and prevent accidents, but many truck drivers and trucking companies object to these rules. And not only do they object to HOS, they often ignore those rules so they can increase their profits.

A truck accident can turn a person’s world upside down. They may suffer a life-changing accident or, even worse, lose a loved one. Our Louisiana truck accident attorneys know how a truck accident can transform a person’s life and will do what it takes to ensure their clients are justly compensated.

Without their cargo, a large commercial truck is fairly heavy, when you add cargo these vehicles they can weigh up to 80,000 pounds. A truck that surpasses federal weight regulations can be dangerous on the roads. For one it will put undue stress of the tires of a truck and cause a tire blowout which may or may not cause an accident. An overloaded or improperly loaded truck can also encounter mechanical problems such as brake failure.

If the cargo on a truck is improperly loaded, that load can shift and cause a truck driver to lose control, jack-knife or overturn. The weigh stations seen littering the highways are there to make certain a commercial truck if the right weight and properly loaded. But this is another regulation trucking companies disregard.

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