Chicago, IL- In 2014, a driver for an Illinois-based trucking company, DND International struck and killed and Tollway worker and seriously injured a state trooper. That driver was fatigued and had only a few hours of sleep before he ran off the road and caused the catastrophic accident. Now, in the wake, of that truck accident, federal safety agencies are turning to insurance companies in hope they can help take negligent carriers off the road.

The accident that the put this push in motion occurred in January of 2014 on the Illinois Tollway when a truck driver lost control and veered off the roadway, slamming into and killing a tollway worker who was assisting a stranded truck driver. The truck also struck a state trooper’s car, causing him severe and devastating injuries.

In the spring of 2014, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration released their report about devastating truck accident, stating that the driver responsible was fatigued and only a few hours of sleep before he hit the road for a long driving route. The FMCSA investigation found that DND International ranked amount the 12 percent worst trucking companies in safety categories like compliance with hours of service rules or reckless driving. Following the Tollway accident, the truck driver told police he had been driving for over 12 hours, far longer than allowed by federal laws.

Now, the FMCSA is looking to insurance companies to help regulate trucking companies like DND International. The agency asked insurers to impose higher premiums and insurance minimums on trucking companies with bad safety records. The NTSB is hoping that trucking companies will improve their operating practices and discourage fatigued driving if insurers impose heavy financial sanctions on them, according to Insurance Journal.

In regards to the accident and their plea for help, NTSB chairman Christopher Hart said, “Fatigue in transportation kills.” According to Insurance Journal, Hart added, “Although such unsafe trucking companies are a small minority of operators, they are not rare — to the dismay of both the driving public and trucking companies that are more diligent about ensuring their safety.”

There are plenty of trucking companies truck drivers in Illinois that operate with safety utmost in their minds. Safety is their priority, but unfortunately, not all trucking companies or drivers operate that way. Many drivers and trucking companies are willing to take risks and put other people’s lives in danger to protect their profits. This is a sad fact, but there are courses of action a truck accident victim can take to ensure they get justice for a life-changing truck accident.

Truck drivers also have a course of action they can pursue if they are injured on the job. That is why we encourage them to contact a workers’ comp lawyer.

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