Louisville, KY- Intoxicated driving is a major safety concern regardless of the size of the vehicle, but it is especially dangerous when the driver is in control of an 80,000 lb. truck. A large commercial truck can essentially be missile in the hands an intoxicated driver.

In an effort to make roads safer, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has proposed a rule that would establish a database which would record and store results from drug and alcohol tests for commercial driver’s license holders. The database or clearinghouse would make it easier for companies to determine of a truck or bus driver has complied with federal regulations.

Currently, trucking and bus companies are required to screen and test any driver they plan on hiring for drugs and alcohol prior to their employment. Companies must also randomly test 10 percent of CDL holders for alcohol and 50 percent of CDL holders for drugs. But without a central database it can be hard for these companies to determine if any prospective hires have tested positive for drug or alcohol use in the past, according to Trucking Info.

The clearinghouse would solve that problem by putting drug and alcohol test results in one database that commercial bus or trucking company can check.

Under the proposed rules, all bus and truck companies regulated by the FMCSA, Medical Review Officers, Substance Abuse Professional and private, third-party DOT drug testing facilities would be required to report whether a driver has tested positive for drugs or alcohol, if they refuse to submit to testing or successfully completes a rehabilitation program, Trucking Info reported.

CDL holder must give a trucking company the permission to check the clearinghouse in order to protect their privacy.

The rule was proposed in the recent transportation bill passed by Congress. There will be a 60 day period that will allow truck and bus companies to respond to the new proposal. But a number of industry groups including the American Trucking Association who have expressed their support for the clearinghouse.

In fairness, driving under the influence is a much larger concern for motorists, but when a truck driver is involved in a DUI accident, the injuries can be catastrophic or deadly. That’s true for any DUI accident; however truck accidents, regardless of their cause, are twice as deadly as passenger vehicle accidents.

Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is careless and can put too many lives in danger. When a person suffers catastrophic injuries or a person has been killed because of this reckless behavior, truck drivers and their companies are liable. Victims can file a personal injury or wrongful death claim to recover their medical and funeral expenses along with seeking compensation for their pain and suffering.

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