Some drivers make very costly mistakes while operating large commercial or industrial vehicles. 

A truck accident in Fayetteville, Arkansas resulted in injuries to two people who fell into a creek. 

Fire department finds an overturned truck down in a creek 

Police believe that the accident happened at about 1 pm in the area where Goose Greek Road and Little Elm Road intersect. This area is about a mile south of Weddington Drive. 

When the fire department arrived, they found a truck that was upside down near the roadway in the bottom of Goose Creek. One victim was able to get out of the truck, but rescue crews worked to forcefully extract the second victim. 

After the Central EMS responded to the scene, they confirmed that two individuals were transported to a local hospital at Washington Regional Medical Center. No specifics were released about the extent of their injuries or their identities. Both injured individuals were males. 

The captain of the Fayetteville Fire Department said that it was amazing that the two victims survived. He believes that they hit a guardrail on the road above, then the truck flipped over the rail and dropped about 20 feet down into the creek.

The dangers of a collision with a truck

Trucking accidents are so dangerous because the vehicles tend to weigh much more than normal sized cars, and they are more likely to flip over with disastrous results. This news report shows that such accidents can cause serious injuries and even fatalities. Victims may have to get long term or permanent medical treatment due to their injuries, which can become expensive. One of the only ways to realistically cover these costs is to sue the person responsible for the accident in civil court. 

Trucking accidents that only involve one vehicle

There are some situations like this news story where it appears that only one vehicle was involved in the accident and responsible for the damages. Depending on the situation, it may still be possible to file a civil lawsuit. The employer of the driver who owns the truck may have left it in a state of disrepair or made maintenance mistakes. There are hit and run accidents where the driver responsible leaves the scene and has to be found at a later time. There are also products liability lawsuits where the manufacturer of the vehicle made an error in the design or production of the truck. To explore any of these possibilities, it is best to discuss your situation with a civil accident attorney. 

Local lawyers can give you more information

There are truck accident lawyers in Fayetteville, Arkansas and nearby areas who can discuss your case. To learn more, contact an attorney through the listings on

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