Truck AccidentMobile, AL- Efforts made by the trucking industry have paid off with new data showing that fatal truck accidents declined in 2013.

The American Trucking Association crunched data from the Federal Highway Administration and determined that fatal truck crashes declined by 1.6 percent in 2013. According to a press release, there 1.44 fatal truck accidents for every 100 million miles traveled, compared the 1.465 fatal accidents for 100 million miles traveled in 2012.

Truck accident injury rates also declined by 34.2 percent over the past decade, according to the ATA press release.

In a press release ATA President and CEO Bill Graves said, “The trucking industry’s efforts to improve safety on our highways are showing results. There is still much work to do, we should feel good that because of the efforts of ATA and others in the industry, our highways are safer, even as our trucks deliver more goods all across our nation.”

A decline in fatal or injurious truck accidents is good news and it shows that safety is a primary issue for the trucking industry, but there is still more work to do. Safety advocates believe that the rate of truck accidents could be reduced even further if the crash-avoidance technologies and speed limiters are adopted by the federal government and the trucking industry.

Even with a decline in truck accidents, there are still issues within the trucking industry. Fatigue, speed and mechanical issues cause thousands of truck accidents each year, many of which leave the victims with devastating or fatal injuries. Each one of these victims will face costly medical and funeral expenses and suffer injuries that can have long-term consequences. Truck accident victims need to know that they have the right to seek compensation from the party or parties who are responsible for their pain and anguish.

Following a truck accident, victims should consult with a Nebraska truck accident attorney to discuss their accident and how they can go about getting the compensation they need to cover their present and future accident-related costs. Truck accident victims are eligible for compensation to cover their medical bills, rehabilitation costs, property damage and their mental anguish. When the accident is fatal, the victim’s surviving family can also seek compensation for their loss or companionship and financial support.

Getting fair compensation can be a challenge for truck accident victims so they need someone on their side with working knowledge of Nebraska’s personal injury laws and who is capable of understanding the complexity of a serious truck accident. Our team of truck accident attorneys serving Lincoln are capable of conducting an investigation and pinpointing who is liable for the injuries or deaths that result.

If you have been a victim of a truck accident, you need to know that you won’t be alone in your effort to collect fair compensation for you and your family. Before you talk to anyone about your accident, get the advice of an attorney. With their help and a strong injury, you will get an optimal settlement.