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Denver, CO – A fatal truck accident recently killed one and severely injured another.

9 News reports that it took upwards of five hours to completely clear up and reopen northbound Interstate 25 at 58th Avenue. The Denver Police Department confirmed that the SUV and dump truck were driving side by side at around 10 am when they crashed into each other.

Riding in the SUV were four people total; of those four people, three were transported to the hospital, one in critical condition with severe burns, and one was killed.

Denver Police Traffic Investigator, Mike Farr, shared that the two vehicles crashed into each other, and they then proceeded to move across to the right shoulder. The Denver Police Department also confirmed that the SUV was the first vehicle to catch fire, which then spread to the dump truck.

Farr confirmed that the fire did consume the SUV, which in turn caused traffic to back up for hours afterwards. This caused multiple businesses to close while the investigators worked as quickly as possible to figure out just what exactly went wrong.

One local Denver resident, Michael Coleman, describes the fiery scene as a “burning inferno,” with fire and smoke following several loud booms. Noting that there were flames as high as the trees, he says that at the time of the truck accident, you couldn’t even tell there were two cars involved.

Coleman continues to share that since the fire looked so horrible, he is amazed that anyone even survived. Unfortunately, since he lives close to the highway, he admits to seeing more accidents than he would like to admit.

According to Coleman, the highway is “the Bermuda triangle here,” and he believes it is only getting worse.

Since the collision and the reasons behind what caused it are still under investigation, the names of the victims have not yet been released. However, once they are, they may want to look into seeing what compensation they are entitled to as a result of the truck accident.

In order to make sure all your bases are covered, speak with a truck accident attorney as soon as you can after your collision. They will make sure the following gets done:

  • A legal claim to ensure you receive whatever compensation you are entitled to.
  • An investigation of the truck accident.
  • All evidence is preserved at the beginning of the process.

Evidence that needs to be preserved include:

  • Driver’s driving history, including prior accident history.
  • Records of the truck’s age, condition, and maintenance.
  • Speed of the vehicle at the time of the truck accident.
  • Statements from first responders and witnesses.
  • The company’s accident history.

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