Dallas, TX- A motorist is dead after his vehicle slid under a tractor trailer in the Dallas- Fort Worth area early Monday morning.

CBS Dallas-Fort Worth reported that accident occurred around 5 a.m. on Interstate 35 when a man in his 20s lost control of his sports car and became wedged underneath a tractor-trailer. According to police reports, after losing control, the driver hit a barrier before sliding under the tractor-trailer.

The sports car driver was pronounced dead on the scene and emergency crews spent hours trying to free him from the wreckage.

A passenger in the tractor-trailer and another person were also injured and taken to the hospital.

This accident is still under investigation so the exact cause has not been determined. But for this particular accident appears to have been caused by the actions of the young man in the passenger vehicle.

This accident raises an important safety issue in the trucking industry; underride guards. Most motorists have seen them but may not be aware of what they are. Underride guards are the metal bars you see extending from rear of large commercial vehicles and are intended to prevent cars from sliding underneath the rear of tractor-trailers. The NHTSA has required commercial trucks to be outfitted with these guards for decades, but these guards aren’t fool proof and many people lose their lives as consequences.

On many commercial trucks, these underride guards are made out of cheap materials, are damaged or rusty and are therefore incapable of keeping motorists from sliding underneath. When a tragic accident is caused by a defective underride guard and one that could have been prevented, one of our Dallas truck accident lawyers can help the victim or their surviving family members get the justice the need.

While all commercial trucks must have rear underride guards, there is no current requirement for these guards to be included along the sides of commercial trucks. Earlier this year, the NHTSA suggested side underride guards be employed be included on the millions of commercial trucks on the road, but the agency faced pushback from the trucking industry.

Underride guards can save lives and prevent deadly or injurious accidents, but they won’t prevent them all. Unfortunately, there will always be negligent truck drivers and passenger vehicle motorists on the roads. When a truck driver put others at risk for because they have defective safety equipment, are speeding or driving while fatigued, their victims have rights and can, with the help of truck accident attorney, seek the at-fault party for compensation to cover your medical bills, property replacement costs, lost wages and your everyday living expenses.

As a truck accident victim you may not realize the tough battle you will face trying to get the compensation you need. Our Dallas truck accident attorneys will stand by your side and build an effective injury claim that will result in an optimal settlement. Having a legal eagle on your side assures you’ll have a strong case that yields a favorable settlement.