Baltimore, MD- A life-changing truck accident can have any number of causes. The main three causes being speeding, fatigued driving, and mechanical failure. But there is one lesser known cause of these devastating crashes. That lesser known cause is a medical event. Here the litigators at USAttorneys would like to share some facts about truck accidents caused by medical events and how you can recover compensation.

Given the sedentary nature of driving a semi, tanker or other commercial trucks, obesity, heart disease and diabetes are common among truck drivers. That is true partly because the average age of truck drivers in the U.S. is 55-years-old, according to Bloomberg Business.

In 2013, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration found that 69 percent of truck drivers were obese, that is twice the obesity rate of workers in other occupations. At least 17 percent of truck drivers are morbidly obese. Obesity is the leading cause of heart conditions and Type II diabetes. While many people can manage obesity-related medical conditions with little impact on others, there are occasions when these medical conditions lead to a catastrophic collision, leaving motorists and truck drivers suffering major injuries. 

There is also a high rate of hypertension and high cholesterol among truck drivers. The FMCSA study found that 26 percent of truck driver suffered from hypertension and the 22 percent had high cholesterol. At least, half of truck drivers involved in the agency’s survey said they smoked, a bad habit that can only exacerbate hypertension and other heart conditions.

What makes matters worse for motorists is the fact that only 38 percent of truck drivers have health insurance, so many chronic and potentially deadly medical conditions go unaddressed in the trucking industry. That means the notion that a medical condition can lead to a horrible truck accident that leaves victims injured and suffering.

It is possible for truck drivers to avoid liability of they suffer a medical event by utilizing the “Sudden Medical Emergency.” This doctrine assumes that a medical event is an “Act of God” and is not something a truck driver can control or anticipate, so negligence is not usually pegged as the cause of a truck accident. But even if a truck driver does try to assert the “sudden medical emergency defense,” they are not completely excused from compensating an accident victim. Recovering compensation for an accident caused by a medical event can be challenging, but it isn’t impossible if you have a truck accident lawyer in Maryland working in your truck accident claim.

Whether your truck accident is caused by a medical event, mechanical failure or driver error, you will benefit from hiring a truck accident lawyer in Baltimore, Maryland working on your personal injury or wrongful death claim. We have an outstanding and practiced team of accident lawyers who will work hard to secure a fair settlement from an insurance company, at-fault truck driver or trucking company. Let USAttorneys help you find a lawyer near your Maryland location.