Truck accident victims are entitled to compensation for their medical costs and other expenses related to their crash.

Truck accident lawyer in Putnam County, NY discusses frequently asked questions

Putnam County, NY-  An accident with a commercial truck can dramatically change the course of a victim’s life. The road to recovery can be long, costly and challenging, leaving the victims wondering how they are going pay their medical bills and what rights they have following their accident. In this article, USAttorneys’ legal team in Putnam County, New York will share some of the questions they are frequently asked.

Can I file a personal injury claim?

If you are injured, you can file a personal injury claim, but you need to be aware that New York has no-fault insurance rules which affect how a victim recovers compensation. New York’s no-fault insurance says that auto or truck accident victims must file a claim with their insurance company unless their injuries meet the state’s serious injury standards. Their auto insurance policy will cover the victim’s medical bills, property repair costs, and wage losses.

To meet the state’s serious injury standard, a truck accident victim’s injuries must be permanent, incapacitating or disfiguring. USAttorneys recommends you speak with personal injury lawyer to determine if you meet the state’s serious injury standard.

If your injuries meet the serious injury standard, you have must file your claim before New York’s  three-year statute of limitations expires.

You must meet the New York’s serious injury standard before you can file a formal civil claim against a truck driver or trucking company.

What types of compensation can I recover?

As the victim of a truck accident, you are entitled to compensation for your medical expenses, property repair costs, lost wages, and your emotional distress. If your injuries are severe or debilitating, you may also be entitled to compensation for your future medical expenses and living expenses. If a truck wreck is fatal surviving family members in Putnam County may be able to recover the costs of your loved one’s medical care, funeral and burial expenses, loss of financial support provided by the deceased and the loss of companionship. Whether an accident is fatal or results in injury, you may be able to recover punitive damages if the actions of a truck driver or trucking company.

Each truck accident is different, and the types of compensation each victim can seek often vary from one case to the next. A truck crash lawyer in New York will investigate your claim and determine what actions on behalf of the at-fault driver or trucking company cause your crash. If a driver or a trucking company is considered grossly negligent, the victim may also be allowed to recover punitive damages.

Should I hire a truck wreck attorney?

That’s a frequent question our legal team encounters. The fact is some truck accident victims don’t need legal assistance and can easily get the compensation they deserve. But some victims need a truck accident lawyer in Putnam County, New York to work on their claim.

Set up a consultation with a truck accident lawyer to learn the best way to resolve your claim.