Santa Cruz, CA- Family and friends of a California man who was killed in a July truck accident are calling for tougher safety regulations for the trucking industry.

The accident that took Daniel McGuire’s life occurred in early July just after 8 a.m. on Interstate 17 in Santa Cruz. McGuire was one in a line of cars that had slowed down as tractor-trailer approached. The driver of that truck noticed the slowing traffic and tried to make evasive maneuvers, but he was unable to. His semi-truck carrying two tons of soil slammed into the rear of one vehicle setting off a chain of collisions that ultimately involved 11 cars and left seven people with minor to serious injuries.

McGuire was in the fifth car in the line, and the only accident victim who was killed. Now his family is calling for tougher regulations for truck drivers and has the backing of several state lawmakers.

Daniel’s Law calls for more experience for drivers, a tiered licensing system based on the truck driver’s experience, the type of truck they are driving and the difficulty of the road. The law would also require an increase in the amount of the liability insurance a driver is required to carry, the Santa Cruz Sentinel reported.

The legislation was inspired by truck driver Ravinderbal Singh’s admission that he had only been driving a commercial truck for three months. He said he tried the make evasive maneuvers according to his training but was unable to avoid hitting the cars.

Singh was not cited for the accident.

McGuire’s family field a wrongful death suit against the company Singh worked for citing negligent hiring practices and supervision and training.

Some truck accidents are unavoidable, but many are caused by the negligent actions of a driver. Despite knowing the risks, many truck drivers engage in behaviors that can cause harm to other drivers. When their careless actions lead to a deadly or injurious accident, the victims have the right to pursue that driver and their trucking company for the costs they incur as a result.

Because truck accidents tend be more complex than other traffic accidents, victims must have a California truck accident attorney working for them. The success of any truck injury claim depends of the victim’s ability to prove a driver was negligent and only an attorney who specializes in truck accidents has the knowledge and expertise to do this.

In the aftermath of a truck accident the victims and surviving family members will have a number of decisions they need to make. One of the many important decisions they need to consider is how to pursue their personal injury or wrongful death claim. Before making any decision about their injury claim or accepting a settlement, the victims need to consult with a truck accident attorney. Their advice will prevent a victim from settling for less than deserve and help them avoid mistakes that will affect the outcome of their injury claim.