Law enforcement has initiated a man hunt for a truck driver that deliberately crashed into a store in northwest Oklahoma City on Wednesday morning, as reported by

According to investigators, the crash was most likely no accident. They have confirmed that there is plenty of evidence suggesting that the driver meant to plough into the store to gain access into it, probably in order to rob the store. The accident site has been identified as 4700 block of Northwest 23rd Street. The store has been described in reports as “Cash America Pawn”. Supposedly, the security system in place at the store triggered an alarm which notified police that responded to the accident.

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Officers arrived at the scene and found that the truck had been backed into one of the walls of the store, and got stuck there. The engine was still engaged, but the driver had fled from the scene. Upon further investigation, it was discovered that the truck that crashed into the store was stolen only hours earlier and was reported stolen from Bethany. There is no video footage captured of the driver himself, he did not enter the store after the crash.

One person injured in bike – truck crash

A man from Ada was struck by a rig while riding his bike. The crash occurred near State Highway 3 exit ramp to Stonewall, according to

The injured has been identified as 44 year old Kelly Stewart Bacon. Supposedly, she was riding along on the left shoulder of State Highway 3 when a truck driven by 85 year old Lester Braddock veered off course and crashed into her. Thankfully, Stewart is said to be in a stable condition and is expected to make a full recovery. She was transported to OU Medical Center in Oklahoma City by an air ambulance.

Interstate – 35 truck accident results in two deaths

A fatal crash that occurred in the early hours of  the morning on Interstate-35 in the proximity of 8200 block of I-35 near Rutherford Lane between an 18-wheeler rig and a pickup truck has tragically claimed the lives of two women and has left five more seriously injured.

The decedents have been identified as 46 year old Telesfora Moran Fuentes and 23 year old Nayeli Resendiz, both of them hailed from Oklahoma City. Three children involved in the accident have also been transported to Dell Children’s Medical Center and have sustained serious life threatening injuries. Oklahoma City truck accident attorneys know all about how to handle situations such as this and some of the best ones exist right here.

Trucking laws – Oklahoma

Oklahoma State has a separate, extensive set of laws to govern trucking, truck operators, truck operation safety and everything else related to trucks. These laws, while being similar to normal auto-accident laws, also have their own unique characteristics. These laws are not generic and it takes a fantastic and focused Oklahoma City truck accident attorney with an in depth knowledge of these laws to represent a client and successfully sue a negligent trucking company for damages.