New Hampshire has a smaller population compared to many other states, which is around 1.3 million. The number of fatal crashes per 100,000 people in the state is 7.2 which is not catastrophic or an epidemic but it is nothing to write home about either.

It is not like New York City which is showing urban decay and promoting homelessness and laziness under its liberal mayor or LA which is infested with gangsters and closed down businesses in so many neighborhoods but it does offer a large door for autonomous vehicles.

If a truck driver puts you into the hospital one of your loved ones or a friend needs to get on so you can have some legal assistance when you wake up and can communicate. You do not want to sign anything with any insurance company since their offer to you may sound helpful but it really is not. Your case is worth more and your lost time at work and your medical bills are going to be onerous.

Society will soon be discussing this and it will be an ongoing topic for perhaps twenty years. It will take years before everyone is onboard the autonomous vehicle train which will show better accident safety numbers than what human beings are tossing up on the charts.

Years ago and moreover, people had to depend on just witness statements and police reports to be able to figure out how an accident transpired. However, thanks to the technology we have today, there are other more accurate ways in which we can determine what may have caused the truck accident.

What are the factors that determine what caused a trucking accident?

In this article focused truck accident lawyers in Portsmouth, NH, who can be found on the incredible website which saves lives every day and gives people some breathing room who may be being choked by the law, explain how information from government agencies and high tech devices can be utilized in order to find out what caused the truck accident in addition to a brief on what some of the main causes of truck accidents are.

Government agencies

It is required by federal law that a certified truck accident inspector investigates any truck accident and compiles a report about the same. The truck accident investigator will have thus collected a lot of evidence and information about the accident and how or why it happened which will all be of sensational use to any accident victim who is looking for evidence in order to sue the negligent parties.

You need legal help like a hamburger needs ketchup.

In order to acquire these reports from the concerned government agencies, we strongly recommend that you talk to a legal professional who can approach the right people and get hold of these reports for you.

Data from high tech devices

Another thing that you must do is to write to the trucking company asking them to preserve all data pertaining to the accident and not to clear it as part of the routine operations of the trucking company. The company will be legally obligated to oblige to this request.

Trucks these days are fitted with black boxes just like airplanes and these recording units will have information regarding all input parameters of the truck and all of its performance and other readings which could be used effectively to find out how a truck accident occurred or why it occurred.

Some of the common causes for truck accidents

According to the latest statistics, large trucks and bicycles constituted 5 percent of the total number fatal auto accidents in New Hampshire. Some of the common causes of truck accidents include:

Driver fatigue – It is common practice among drivers in the industry to violate laws about maximum driving hours in a given period of time in order to make extra money. However, this leads to fatigued driving and there have even been cases where the driver has fallen asleep at the wheel.

Loading improperly or overloading – Trucks are mostly used to haul payloads, but there are weight regulations in addition to regulations about how the payload must be loaded for a reason. Excessive or improper loading can result in the shifting of the center of gravity which can lead to loss of control.

Other common reasons for truck accidents include impaired driving, mechanical failures, tire blowouts, transmission failures, and so on.

If you have been injured and suffered losses in an accident involving a commercial vehicle, talk to a motivated truck accident lawyer in New Hampshire today to evaluate your claim so that you receive a fair settlement.