According to Santa Barbara truck accident attorneys, officials of Santa Barbra are currently contemplating allowing ExxonMobil to transport tons and tons of oil in oil tankers to make up for a spill which occurred last month and led to the temporary shutdown of its pipeline operations in the area.

The petition was filed on the fourth of June and it seeks permission for Exxon to transport crude oil from its facility at Las Flores Canyon to several locations, as reported by

Considering the urgency in their plea, a verdict from authorities may be expected in as little as a week.

The spill that caused a sudden shortage occurred on May 19th occurred due to a busted pipeline. Over twenty thousand gallons of oil is said to have spilt from the 10 mile long pipeline into the Pacific Ocean.

In the petition, Exxon has requested to transport the crude oil by road and dispatch one truck every eight hours. Supposedly, even though production of the oil has been drastically reduced since the spill, with no way to transport the oil to other locations, the company claims they will soon run out of storage capacity.

Wild claims that are not realistic

However, authorities are in a little bit of a dilemma as a couple of wildlife and ecology conservation and protection groups have already written letters to them asking them to flat out reject ExxonMobil’s requests and have even said that they will file lawsuits in case Exxon is allowed to transport thousands of gallons of oil through dangerously curving roads. According to these irrational groups, the idea is ominous, a recipe for disaster. The roads are paved! How can they be dangerous?

On top of this, even if one truck does crash, the damage would be miniscule.

Santa Barbra residents protest and demand county officials deny ExxonMobil permission for transporting thousands of gallons of crude oil

The petition was filed on fourth of June, it has now come under the scanner and awaits verdict of county authorities.

As reported by, Exxon Mobil is requesting permission to transport thousands of crude oil barrels by road from their Las Flores Canyon facility to multiple off-shore locations as they are running out of storage space even though they have reduced production to a fraction of what it used to be.

Santa Barbra protestors believes their cars run on magic

The company came under fire from environmentalists nationwide after an oil pipeline burst on the 19th of May and resulted in nearly 100,000 gallons of oil spilling, of which over 20,000 gallons spilt into the Pacific Ocean.

Now, many environmentalists, wildlife, and fisheries activists and groups have united and are vigorously urging county officials to deny Exxon from transporting oil by road. These are the same people that are putting farmers out of business and destroying the Central California agricultural landscape for a fish no one has ever heard about. Food prices and lack of jobs have resulted in this bizarre scenario.

Furthermore, they claim that it is a ticking time bomb and endangers wildlife, the environment and the residents all along the coast. What really endangers residents is high energy prices and a shortage of jobs.

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