Many truck collisions have been occurring in and nearby to San Luis Obispo, CA lately which might be an indicator that drivers need to exert more caution while operating their vehicles. Just this past Tuesday, The Tribune reported that the driver of a 1990 Toyota Tacoma 4×4 pickup truck towing a utility trailer filled with garbage was involved in an accident with a semi-truck. The driver of the pickup, 41-year-old Rafael Palacious, made a left turn from Jardine Road onto Highway 46 East but didn’t enter the acceleration lane next to the median to safely merge. Instead, he decided to travel across all lanes of the highway, cutting right in front of a semi-truck being driven by 44-year-old Godofredo Lainez.

Naturally, Lainez wasn’t able to stop in time and collided with the back of the trailer. Because of the massive size and weight of the semi, the impact pushed the trailer into the pickup truck, unhitched the trailer, and caused the pickup to roll onto its side. The truck blocked the eastbound lanes of the highway and left all three occupants who had been traveling in the truck trapped. California Fire responders arrived on scene and extricated the occupants in the pickup truck. All three were transported to Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center to receive treatment for the injuries they had sustained. Palacious reportedly suffered serious injuries while the two passengers who had been traveling with him suffered moderate injuries. Luckily for Lainez, he was not injured in the truck collision.


Two Teens Die in Accident Involving Semi-Truck on Highway 198


San Luis Obispo County was shaken up after two sisters died as a result of an accident that occurred with a semi-truck.

Two sisters, both graduates of Atascadero High School, were killed in a wreck that occurred on Highway 198. According to The Tribune, Brynn and Brittini Frace were traveling in a 2004 Chevy Tahoe and had been “stopped at an intersection before attempting to turn east onto Highway 198 in front of a semi heading west.” The driver of the semi, Terry Lee Keeling, hit the left side of the Tahoe going about 40 mph. Although both girls were wearing their seatbelts, the impact killed Brittni immediately and Brynn Frace was transported to Community Regional Medical Center in Fresno in critical condition. Sadly, the news source reported that Brynn later died from the severe injuries she sustained. Keeling did not sustain any injuries as a result of the crash.

San Luis Obispo County was shocked by the deaths of these two young girls as they had made an impact on the community in more ways than one. “Brittni was the school record holder in the mile and named to the All-County and All-League teams.” Brynn was also recognized as a “fantastic runner and human being” who was training for her first marathon.


Were you recently involved in a traumatic truck collision?


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