Clackamas County, OR- Late last month the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and leading members of the trucking industry appeared before a Senate commerce committee to discuss how to improve road safety in the trucking industry.

Ann Ferro Administrator for the FMCSA testified before the Senate’s committee to discuss how trucking safety could be improved. Her list of safety improvements include: maintaining current hours of service rules, addressing sleep apnea, electronic log devices, and driver training requirements, the Commercial Carrier Journal reported.

Earlier this summer, just days before comedian Tracy Morgan’s truck accident, the Senate appropriations committee voted to suspend the restart rule, which the FMCSA says reduces fatigued driving. According to police, the truck driver responsible had been awake 24 continuous hours before the fatal June collision. After this collision, the committee decided to keep the hours-of-service rules in place, and Administrator Ferro believes they should stand.

According to the Commercial Carrier Journal, American Trucking Association Executive Vice President David Osiecki said there were other measures the industry can make to improve safety, but said Osiecki believes that aggressive enforcement, and driver assist technologies, for truck driver and passenger vehicle motorists alike, could help prevent truck accidents. Osiecki noted that the majority of truck accidents are caused by driver error and passenger vehicle motorists are the largest contributor. He also opposes keeping the current hours-of-service rules.

Osiecki is correct about driver error. The majority of traffic accidents, car or truck or otherwise, are caused by driver error. When a truck accident is caused by a passenger vehicle motorist they should take responsibility if they harm anyone. The same is true if a truck accident is caused by the reckless actions of a truck driver.

Since commercial trucks outweigh and outsize a passenger vehicle, a truck accidents tend to be twice as deadly. Victims often suffer more devastating injuries the car accident victims. That is why there is this emphasis on trucking safety; it’s not to demonize hardworking truck drivers, it’s to assure everyone on the road is safe.  Accountability is one way to encourage safe driving habits among all motorists. There are legal ramifications for causing a catastrophic truck accident, but a civil action can also serve as a deterrent.

Aside from their injuries, recovery and grief over a lost loved one, truck accident victims face a mountain of medical bills. If an unnecessary death or injury is caused by any motorist or truck driver, their victims, naturally, takes financial responsibility for their reckless behavior.

Whether a truck accident is caused by a distraction, intoxication, speeding or mechanical failure, an Oregon truck accident attorney can help a victim or victim recover the costs of their medical bills and other accident-related costs.

If you’ve been injured in a truck accident, you need a Clackamas truck accident attorney, building a string injury claim on your behalf. Their devotion to your case will assure you are awarded an injury or wrongful death settlement that meet all of your current and future needs.