Indianapolis, IN- Fatigued driving is a major problem in the trucking industry and is the cause of numerous fatal and injurious truck accidents each year in Indiana. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration hopes to change by requiring bus drivers and truck drivers to utilize electronic log books.

Fatigued driving is vexing problem, one that the transportation industry and federal agencies have been trying to combat. Currently, commercial drivers in the U.S. record their driving hours and rest breaks by hand in a paper log books that they are required to carry in their vehicles at all times. But because they are handwritten, it is easy for unscrupulous drivers and trucking companies to misrepresent their driving hours in a log book. It is easy to violate hours-of-service rules with a manual log book since it is currently an honor-based system, and drivers and carriers have numerous incentives to ignore key federal safety regulations aimed at combating fatigued driving.

One solution to that FMCSA believes will help is to require commercial truck and bus drivers to utilize electronic log books to record their drive times. The agency has been fighting for this rule for a few years and now, as of December 10th, these ELDs will now be mandatory for all truck drivers living in Canada and the U.S. who operate in the U.S.

According the FMCSA press release announcing the new rules, ELDs will “save 26 lives and prevent 562 injuries resulting from crashes involving large commercial motor vehicles.”

The new rules will give commercial truck and bus carriers two years to begin utilizing ELDs, and outlines specific rules pertaining to the operation and implementation of the ELD program. There is also a rule that strictly prohibits carriers from harassing drivers who comply with hours-of-service rules.

Electronic logbooks may prevent some truck accidents in Indians but it can’t stop them all. And sadly, accidents involving commercial trucks tend to be very serious, leaving a victims with deadly or severe injuries. It may be painful to cope with your injuries but truck accident victims can take some comfort in the fact that they can pursue compensation from the party or parties responsible for their injuries.

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