An accident involving a semi truck that rolled over also blocked traffic for several hours on Interstate Highway 10 near El Paso, Texas

Semi truck crashes and blocks highway traffic in both directions

The incident began just before noon on a Thursday where I-10 meets Transmountain Road. Investigators believe that the collision initially involved two vehicles, but most of the damage was caused when a semi trailer rig fell over and blocked the highway. The Fire Department members at the scene did not have any information available about injuries to anyone involved at the time of the news report. Police said that they had to block off several lanes going both eastbound and westbound on I-10 while the area was cleared, which caused significant traffic delays for hours afterward.  

Photos of the incident showed police and fire rescue crews tending to the large vehicle in the middle of the road and cleaning debris. El Paso’s social media accounts for police and traffic updates warned drivers to avoid the area if possible due to the lane closures. A full investigation was still pending to determine the cause of the truck accident and document injuries. 

Highway roads and trucking accidents

A truck crash that happens on an interstate highway is usually a serious matter due to the possibility of significant damage and loss of life. Both the individual driver and the business that owns the vehicle may be attached as defendants in a civil case to pay for any damage caused by their mistakes. 

Texas and the law of negligence

Texas has a specific law for determining fault and negligence in car accidents. Every other state has slightly different laws regarding these issues as well. This is why it is important to only talk with an experienced local attorney after an incident. 

In the state, a plaintiff who is found to be partially at fault for an accident can still file a lawsuit and recover, but their damage award will be reduced proportionally to their level of fault. If their fault is found to be greater than the defendant’s, they will not be allowed to collect any money at all. This is a modified form of the doctrine of comparative negligence that is used in many other states as well. Most of these comparative negligence doctrines are generous to plaintiffs, as they are able to sue even in situations where they are somewhat to blame for their involvement in the accident. 

Talk to an El Paso truck accident attorney

There are truck crash lawyers in El Paso who serve clients nearby with their advice and experience. To learn more about getting in touch with an attorney who focuses on this area of the law, use the directory on

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