Dekalb County, GA- If you have ever been involved in truck accident, you know the complexities that arise in their wake. Over a hundred thousand truck accidents occur on the nation’s highways each year with tens of thousands resulting in personal injuries.  Thousands result in the one or more victims’ deaths and the damage to property cost millions and millions each year.

When you have been injured in a truck accident and are seeking compensation, you need an attorney. The investigation following a truck accident is critical and can mean the difference between a successful or unsuccessful personal injury or wrongful death claim.

An effective truck accident investigation must be conducted by qualified individuals who have an extensive knowledge of this type of accident. A DeKalb truck accident attorney has a great deal of experience in conducting truck accident investigations.

Law enforcement agencies will conduct their own investigation, but you, as a truck accident victim should also hire an expert to investigate your accident, especially if plan on filing a lawsuit to recoup you expenses. Your truck accident attorney will have their own team of experts to investigate your accident and build case that will benefit you the most.  They will look at a number of factors to prove liability which will include the driver’s safety record, the safety record of the truck owner, prior police records and the truck’s inspection history.

Time is of the essence in a truck accident. When you are hurt or grieving for a loved one it is hard to think about the what your next steps should be, hiring an accident attorney may be the farthest thing from your mind, but it is crucial to contact a truck accident attorney as soon as possible before important evidence is lost and witnesses forget crucial facts and events surrounding the accident.

After a truck accident, roads will be quickly repaired and alterations to the road are possible. Skid marks and damage to a roadway may carry the key to determining who was at fault for an accident. The truck will also be repaired as quickly as possible so faulty equipment and parts will be replaced and you will no longer have evidence that may prove pertinent to your case.

Evidence can be found in unlikely places that only a truck accident attorney is aware of such as truck logs. Electronic devices in the truck cab itself can be full of valuable evidence, speed governors, lights and emergency equipment can tell an investigator a lot about how an accident occurred.

Your truck accident attorney will also review the driver’s log to determine if fatigue or other negligent driving behavior such as intoxication contributed to a truck accident.

The trucking company, equipment manufacturers and the truck driver’s insurer will have attorneys working for them and so should you. You need someone who will work to make certain you get justice, and none of the medical, rehabilitation and other long term costs come out of your wallet.