Camdenton, MO- Truck accidents have a multitude of causes. While the issue of trucking safety these days seem to be honed in focused on truck driver fatigue and distraction, there are other issues that are just as dangerous and deadly, like mechanical and part failure.

Today, in Missouri four people were killed when a dump truck slammed head-on into a truck carrying four members of a family vacationing at Lake of the Ozarks.

A Missouri State Police report said the driver of the dump truck lost control when his front tire blew out on Missouri 5 in the Niangua River Bridge. Randal Estes, 56, crossed lanes into the path of the truck which was carrying a boat. According to KY3 News, after the truck was hit, the boat then struck the rear of the pickup.

Estes was killed along with three occupants of the truck who have been identified as Terry Schroeder, 50; Cindy Schroeder, 46; and passenger Dylan Schroeder, 14.

One teen in the truck 14 year-old, Donnie Schroeder, survived the crash and was flown the hospital in serious condition.

So far, there’s no indication that the tire that blew out was faulty in this case, but there plenty of other truck accidents where the cause can be directly attributed to a defective piece of equipment or a poorly maintained truck. Our truck accident attorneys have represented many clients who were harmed by a faulty tire or blow out and successfully secured generous settlements on their behalf.

A 2010 study  which focused on post-accident inspections, indicate the nearly 55 percent of involved trucks had at least one mechanical violation with at least 30 percent having at least one mechanical issue considered serious enough to take that truck off the road. Brake failure accounted for the largest percentage or mechanical failures, with lighting issues coming in at second at 19 percent. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, a truck with a brake condition was 1.8 times more likely to cause an injurious or deadly truck accident.

Earlier this month, a California man was killed in a chain-reaction collision set off by a tractor-trailer which involved nearly a dozen vehicles. In this incident the truck driver lost control and plowed in nearly a dozen cars on Highway 17. Some of the vehicles were so badly damaged, accident victims had to be extricated from their vehicles.

Although the California Highway Patrol is still conducting their investigation, but there is evidence that points to brake failure as the cause of this accident. Witness reported seeing the truck attempt to slow down before the collision and saw black smoke coming from the brakes.

When mechanical failure, whether it is poorly functioning brakes or a faulty tire, is the cause of a truck accident, the victims may be eligible for compensation for their injuries or the loss of a loved one. Speaking with a truck accident attorney, will help accident victims determine if mechanical failure was the cause of their accident and whether they should consider filing a personal injury or wrongful death suit.