Several people were injured when a dump truck ran a red light and entered a busy intersection, striking nine vehicles.

San Francisco, CA- Commercial trucking wrecks occur for various reasons. While most are attributed to driver error on behalf of a passenger vehicle motorist or truck driver, some truck accidents are the fault of brake failure. That may be a factor in a fiery crash in San Francisco Monday that involved a fully loaded dump truck and several passenger vehicles.

Multiple Injuries in San Francisco-Area Truck Crash

Santa Rosa police Lt. Ryan Corcoran told the San Francisco Gate that several people were injured in a fiery multiple-vehicle accident Monday, February 5, 2018, around 9:30 a.m.

A dump truck full of debris from the October wildfires was traveling west on the Fountaingrove Parkway when it approached an intersection. One witness told ABC 7 News that they heard the driver honking as he approached the red light and said they think he was unable to stop for the light.

The dump truck driver went through the intersection trying to avoid hitting any vehicles the witness told ABC News, but he couldn’t. First, the truck hit a car, then a second car which set off a chain-reaction collision. Ten vehicles total, the dump truck included, were involved in the crash.

Just moments after impact, a fire broke out, and flames began to engulf the dump truck, and other crashed vehicles. As the fire spread, occupants scrambled to get out of their cars. Fortunately, they all made it out except for one woman who was later freed by emergency crews.

At least three victims were seriously injured. Three others were treated at area hospitals.

Although several people were injured, the outcome of this accident could have been much worse considering that the fire destroyed several vehicles.

A truck accident lawyer in San Francisco can help you determine if brake failure was a factor in your crash and who is responsible for your economic damages.

Mechanical Failure and Its Role in Trucking Accidents

It is rare for the brakes on a commercial truck to fail because they are made up of several different systems which are unlikely to stop functioning all at once. Instead, brake-related truck collisions are usually the result of one or more of the following:

Improperly adjusted brakes

Improper alignment of brakes

Malfunctioning brake calipers

Low fluid

Oil contamination

No one can predict when a truck’s brakes are going to fail, or it is going to experience a mechanical problem. But a truck driver or trucking company can make sure their vehicle is in good working order, and they make all necessary repairs in a timely fashion. Department of Transportation rules requires truck owners to conduct regular inspections of the safety and mechanical systems of a commercial and make repairs as needed. Under DOT rules, owners must routinely check a truck’s brakes, frame, lights, steering, suspension, tires, and transmission.

Additionally, federal rules require truck drivers to inspect their vehicle before embarking on a trip and must keep a record of the inspection.

Refusing to comply with federal regulations is negligent. It is also negligent to put other motorists in danger by putting a malfunctioning truck on the road. Most truck drivers and trucking companies are conscientious and wouldn’t think of putting a potentially dangerous vehicle on the streets. Parties who put others at risk should be held accountable when an accident happens. If you are hurt in a truck accident, whether brake failure or driver error caused it, you may be entitled to compensation for medical expenses and other costs related to your accident.

Investigating a Truck Accident

Determining the cause of a truck accident isn’t easy because various factors could be at play. Those factors can include driver error, mechanical failure, drastic change in the flow of traffic, poor road conditions or inclement weather. Getting an accurate picture of how a crash played out requires a comprehensive investigation conducted by a detail-oriented and knowledgeable attorney.

After a truck crash, recommends you talk to a commercial trucking accident lawyer in San Francisco to begin investigating your accident. A thorough investigation should include witness accounts, maintenance logs, repair documents and consultations with accident reconstruction experts to help with your case. Our experienced attorneys will explore all avenues while building your claim and work to recover the best settlement possible. They want you and your loved ones to get the full amount you are entitled to considering the seriousness of your accident.

Reach Out to a Truck Accident Lawyer in San Francisco

The first stage of recovering compensation for a commercial trucking accident is determining the cause. That is a complicated task, and it’s just the beginning of the process of pursuing a personal injury or wrongful death claim. There are numerous steps to an injury claim and filing deadlines to meet. A trucking accident claim is too much for an injured person or a grieving family to take handle by themselves. They need a legal expert helping them with all aspects of their claim, whether it is investigating the scene, communicating with at-fault parties or negotiating with an insurer. Call and arrange a consultation today.

When you file a trucking accident claim, you will be facing parties with legal representation who want to limit their liability as much as possible. You need to get legal help today, or you could get a smaller settlement amount than you deserve. has a team of knowledgeable truck accident lawyers in San Francisco who can assist you with all aspects of your injury or wrongful death claim. You can ask our online operators for help locating a nearby injury lawyer or find one by using our interactive state map.